Rahul Gandhi on twitter is suicidal. Modi will strip him naked on issue-based twitter battle!


Rahul is around the age when John F. Kennedy was already running the world in those hard times of the Cold War! … Just an observation made to illustrate the fact that Rahul Gandhi is already too old to make any impression.

Rahul Gandhi, after absconding for two months, has returned a changed man, no doubt about it. He talks more, sleeps less in parliament, is consciously presenting himself to farmers and poor peasants as their messiah and is generally more pro-active. Could it be the Thai massage, or is it a facade he is forced to put up because if he doesn’t appear to be serious about his job, his sister Priyanka Gandhi will get calls to replace him. What a situation he finds himself in and to make matters worse, he has joined the world of twitter… well, his office is doing the talking for him.

Narendra Modi, rahul gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has no affinity with social media. In fact, that is the reason why his so-called speeches for net neutrality had no resonance among the youth. It was opportunistic and aimed at showing people that Rahul Gandhi is the voice of the youth. He is anything, but. For a good 10 years, Rahul Gandhi was a politician in abstentia. He was either away on vacation with his European girlfriend or was hobnobbing with high-flying people. When he did come to the parliament, it was to catch a nap. He never once represented his constituency, Amethi, and never asked for anything for them.

When such a man starts talking about issues without any substance, one begins to wonder. The question that Rahul Gandhi and his team of loyalists have so far failed to convincingly answer is why is Rahul Gandhi not using personal handle?

Narendra Modi, rahul gandhi

This is not too difficult to imagine, though. Rahul Gandhi maybe in his mid forties but his growth, evolution has not been in tune with changing times. His intelligence and wisdom, or rather the lack of it, was never his greatest asset. The kind of silly, ill-informed statements he made and continues to make reflect a very poor sense of understanding of issues that concern India. His interview to a leading English channel was a classic example of his limitations and inabilities.

How can such a man handle twitter on his own? How can Rahul Gandhi battle it out on twitter with someone like Narendra Modi or Arun Jaitley? How will he squeeze every hateful sentiment in 140 characters? Rahul Gandhi must realise it is important to interact with people on a personal level. Only then can you establish a bond. Prime Minister is a prime example. He has millions of followers because of so many virtues, and one of them is conversing with people personally. He leaves personal notes and information and people feel he is one of them.

Narendra Modi, rahul gandhi

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘RG office’ is too officious and cold. The congress vice-president is hoping to unseat Modi in 2019 but the PM, who is 20 years older to him, is a social media whiz. The Wall Street Journal wrote about ‘How India’s Modi became a social media superstar’. Rahul Gandhi is not equipped to handle such a personality. He will be killed on twitter! India’s Prime Minister @NarendraModi is now the third most followed world leader on Twitter, with twelve million followers because he is active on the social media and interacts with people via his account.


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