Do not cheat, Rahul Gandhi, it is not a school exam!


A lot of people, perhaps in jest, are saying: Should Rahul Gandhi be punished the way children are when they are caught cheating in schools and colleges? It was more funny, rather than revolting, to see future Congress president copy a ‘tribute’ to the Nepal earthquake victims from his mobile phone. It was such a stupid and insensitive act, writing a note of condolensce by looking at the script from his phone. The note was most likely prepared by his communications team and there is no telling whether Rahul Gandhi even bothered to read and feel it.

Rahul Gandhi

Now a days, Rahul Gandhi must be finding it difficult to sleep at night. Reborn and battle-ready, the most ridiculed member of the Gandhi family is busy scouting for issues to stand against the Government for. The manner in which the Congress has reacted to the historic washout in Delhi and beating in Lok Sabha, it almost feels as if it is ready to go to any lengths to ensure that the Narendra Modi-led Government collapses. It is as pathetic as it is pitiable. One almost feels sorry for their plight.

Rahul Gandhi, leaving no opportunity to grab headlines, visited the Nepal embassy in New Delhi to pay his tribute to victims of the Nepal earthquake. Now, just hold on and imagine this: When asked to write a message on the visitor’s book, he hurriedly opened his cell phone, searched for the condolensce message, and began copying the text from his phone. There were absolutely no feelings when writing those words. It was almost a mechanical act, unconscious and  emotionless.

It is very clear then. Rahul Gandhi is not capable of penning down his personal feelings about a tragic event without help. If you remove the close group of people around him, those who give him agendas, write his speeches, and generally show him the way, he will find himself crippled! He just tried to appear somber for the cameras.

Even a ninth grade student would do that without cheating! On what basis does he claim to champion the cause of the farmers and the disempowered?

Rahul Gandhi

This is what the note read: “Over the last week, the world has watched in horror as the tragedy in Nepal unfolded. Some wounds will never heal, but as Nepal begins the hard task of rebuilding… the people of India stand with you in strength and solidarity.” How sweet and touching! Words are all he has.

This has a crucial significance. It creates a perception that all of Rahul Gandhi’s venomous speeches against the BJP and Narendra Modi are written by his advisors and communication specialists, basically hired word mercenaries. Rahul has no opinion of his own, he appears to be following a path laid out by the others. These are not signs of a prospective Prime Minister!

Rahul Gandhi

Our country is in better hands, lord be praised!


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