Questioning Indian media’s integrity a desperate attempt by fringe elements!


The Indian media is under attack for its allegedly insensitive coverage of the earthquake in Nepal. Social media and Twitter in particular, are abuzz with hateful sentiments. They say that the Indian media was treating the tragedy as a “public relations exercise” on behalf of the Indian Government.



Clearly, this cannot be a genuine sentiment. In fact, it has be observed by senior columnists and social commentators that this ‘hate India’ trend is motivated and driven by people who cannot stand India’s praiseworthy commitment to rehabilitate Nepal. There are forces which are determined to derail India’s selfless dedication, personally undertaken by India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

The Indian Media has extended support to the Nepal Earthquake victims in many ways. Radio is very active, for starters. The FM channels are regularly creating awareness among the Indian people; they are organising relief & rescue materials by reaching out to people and helping them form organisations where donations can go. Food, clothes, shelter materials etc are reaching Nepal through road, air and train. TV channels are receiving helping hands in the form of money, cheques and materials that people would require. Bollywood has also been pro-active in offering all possible help


Twitter exploded on Sunday with feeds and posts related to #GoHomeIndianMedia. It has been alleged that the Indian media exploited the disaster to its advantage, capturing images of destruction and lives lost. It has already been more or less established that these radical voices have a hidden agenda and are motivated by money. The Indian Gurudwaras are busy sending food and so are the army personals busy in the rescue operations.


Is it a propaganda triggered by Pakistan? It is a known fact that the neighbours have not taken India’s growing stature in international community well. The Indian media, the Indian army and air force, the Indiana Government and the Indian people are all behind Nepal.

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This is a moment of crisis and rather than playing blame games we need to stand as one and help the victims.



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