Beware, India! Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif is both desperate and devious!


Nawaz Sharif was elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan for the third time in 2013 and an improved relationship with India was his stated priority. With his elevation to the top, a civilian Government finally seemed to replace a militarily-controlled administration.

Nawaz Sharif


Nothing has changed, though. Cross-border terrorism, infiltration and an aggressive stance has been standard practice. Narendra Modi, as India’s popular Prime Minister, has repeatedly conveyed India’s desire to better its equation with Pakistan, but there has been no reciprocity.

What comes as a deep shock is Nawaz sharif’s statement made to The Saudi Gazette: “Our desire for good neighbourly relations with India has not been reciprocated”. The ridiculous statements did not end there; he also stated that his attending of Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony was an exceptional gesture from his side! This is an unbelievable response. He was offered a hand of friendship from Narendra Modi and he turns around and stabs India’s faith in the back!

Nawaz Sharif2


Pakistan is continuously trying to push terrorists into India. Their nationals were recently caught by the Indian navy with more than 600 crore worth of drugs. Dictated by ISI, Pakistan has created an atmosphere where peace talks cannot be held. With guns blazing, how can we talk peace?

Pakistan’s diplomats keep meeting the separatist leaders in India. They give birth to suspicion by secretively holding talks with Hurriyat leaders. Pakistan recently freed the most wanted terrorist, Lakhvi, and provided him with heavy security. A terrorist responsible for bomb blasts in India that killed many people, is roaming freely. If this is not an absolute defiance, then what is?

Nawaz Sharif3

A nation that achieved its freedom 68 years ago is still bound by the claws of its military leaders. The United nations and various other research studies have directly linked terrorists to the ISI, Pakistan’s all-powerful military intelligence. A political insider from Pakistan stated that Mr. Nawaz Shariff is the acting prime minister of Pakistan and he alone cannot take decisions on issues like relations with India. He “shares space” with the army.

Nawaz Sharif has spoken negatively about Narendra Modi from time to time. His utter disregard for peace overtures is disgusting.

Nawaz Sharif4

Nawaz Sharif also said that Pakistan was ready for “constructive dialogue for a negotiated settlement of all issues, including the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.” These are statements made to appear righteous and fair. Even though he is the elected leader of Pakistan, he holds no real power. He has been reduced merely to a puppet, whose strings are controlled by the military top brass. He is even suspected of being in touch with some terrorist leaders.

Even Ind vs Pak cricket matches have now turned more passionate because of the tense atmosphere between the two political parties. Although there is hardly any possibility of an India Pakistan war, Kashmir has surely taken India and Pakistan to the brink on many occasions.

Better sense has always prevailed on the Indian side. It’s time Pakistan showed some sense too.


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