Straight-Jacket Sakshi Maharaj and drop him into the Arabian Sea!


Why do we even tolerate such mindless people? Perhaps, the voters of Unnao should realise that they cannot continue to make the mistake of electing someone like Sakshi Maharaj, again. Otherwise, the people of Unnao will be looked at as dimwits who enjoy their representative’s vulgar, repulsive and sick statements. Wonder whether they enjoyed his latest controversial quote.

The Lok sabha MP feels that family planning law should be strictly followed. Those flouting it will be stripped off their voting rights!

Just read this: “When we talk of four-child issue, there is a lot of hue and cry, and when they have 40 children from four wives no one says anything.” Coming from a person who claims to be spiritually and religiously inclined, it is a real shame. Such crudeness, rawness, vulgarity and the frivolousness with which they come up with such statements is astounding.

The criminally-charged MP had earlier opened his mouth and what followed was equally disgusting. He asked Hindu women to have at least four children to compete with the Muslims. He is cheap and a burden.


In 2013, Sakshi Maharaj was on the run after the Etah Police (UP) filed a case against him for plotting the murder of a woman he was once close to.

He has carefully built himself an empire of ashrams, even schools and colleges. There is question on the tax evasion as well. Expelled from the Rajya Sabha for misusing his constituency funds, Sakshi Maharaj has also spent a month in Tihar Jail on rape charges.


Why is such a ghastly man sitting in my parliament? India’s image internationally has seen meteoric rise due to the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The country is feeling good. The economy is stable and there is a general sense of peace among all. Can we really afford to allow this small breed of individuals, who have somehow managed to win elections, to derail India’s progress?

He proclaimed Nathuram Godse as saint and a true patriot. Even purely from a scientific and psychological point of view, he appears mentally unsound and incapable of applying his mind before uttering rubbish.

He proposed death for those who indulge in conversion and cow slaughter. Can a sane man think like that?

Unless he is physically restrained and kept under watch, we may never be free from hearing such revolting views



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