‘VVIP culture’: Indian society’s biggest curse


A routine every Indian girl follows, or ought to follow, while trying out new clothes in changing rooms and bathrooms, is to check for hidden cameras. These are dangerous times and unless we take precautions, incidents will continue to violate women’s dignity. It is not only cheap hotels, smaller trial rooms and public bathrooms that indulge in such misconduct, even upmarket showrooms and five-star hotels are involved in such disgraceful activities….just goes to show that as Indians, we are a bunch of sex-starved rats!


The incident that took place in Goa, of all the places, is an indication of the fact that even the rich and powerful are not safe. Even they are exposed! Imagine Smriti Irani’s horror at the discovery of a camera installed at Fab India! Although the police reacted on time and with precision, Ms Irani will always live in fear…. What if the video footage is leaked out? What if she comes face to face with her image online?


Also, had it been a common tourist, and not the much celebrated Smriti Irani, do you think the police would have reacted so swiftly? The local MLA from BJP rushed to the scene to show solidarity and support.

Normally, we don’t expect an MLA or a local politician to rush to the crime scene where a common man is involved. Even police take their own sweet time to reach ground zero.


They are following up on the case so aggressively that if you didn’t know about Ms smriti’s involvement, you would give full marks to the cops for their efficiency… Senior Fab India executives are being interrogated. The CEO has received summons from the police. The entire system is working double time to nab the culprits.

There is simply no way the police would have arrived on time if an ordinary person had been involved. The follow ups would go cold and the victim herself would be put through torturous questioning. The manager of the establishment, and the seniors would have bribed the authorities and gone scot-free. It’s so laughable to learn that even the CBI has been roped in to satisfy their masters.


It is a reflection of the VVIP culture that has plagued this country since the beginning. We are a hypocritical society, double-faced and indifferent to the plight of an aam Aadmi. We claim to be on the path of development but mentally, we are still primitive and dated…



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