What was there between Amitabh and Aishwarya? Here are Bollywood’s most sick rumors ever heard


Bollywood is an industry of rumors and controversies. It is indeed a place of multiple affairs and deceit. Some are true and some are not. Well, we are sharing the craziest rumors about our B-town actors. Here are the top rumors about our beloved actors.

Shahrukh and Priyanka

aishwarya rai bacchan,  amitabh bacchan, deepika padukone, hrithik roshan

Bollywood’s King Khan, Shahrukh Khan has been paired with a lot of Bollywood actresses. He is said to be in deep love with his wife, and of course the children. But the rumor that he is dating Priyanka Chopra gave everyone a big shock. Most of his fans didn’t believe it, and Shahrukh himself took steps forward to say that he is not at all cheating on his wife and has no such relationship with Priyanka.

Aishwarya and Amitabh

aishwarya rai bacchan,  amitabh bacchan, deepika padukone, hrithik roshan

Bollywood conspiracy theorist came up with the most sick rumor stating that Aishwarya Rai Bacchan had an affair with Amitabh Bacchan before her marriage with Abhishek and that is one of the reasons Jaya Bacchan strongly disapproved of Aishwarya for Abhishek. It is said it was during that period Aishwarya was with Salman and soon after she left him because of fear of his connections with the underworld. Rumors were, the only thing which could save her from the underworld was the POLITICAL POWER + MONEY POWER + BRAND BACHCHAN. People also said, Aishwarya is a clever modern woman did not mind saving herself for a few nights in the bargain. They did a few movies together “Hum kisi se kum nahin”, “Khakee”, “Bunty aur Babli”, and “Sarkar Raj”. She just took it as protection money she would have had to pay otherwise. Obviously this is just not true.

Salman and Asin
aishwarya rai bacchan,  amitabh bacchan, deepika padukone, hrithik roshan

The linkup rumor of Salman Khan and Asin took a start when the two beautiful celebs were seen together in ‘London Dreams’. The news got viral on social media networks, but how could Salman cheat on Katrina, his love. So, finally he commented against this rumor and gave it an end.

Hrithik and Barbara

aishwarya rai bacchan,  amitabh bacchan, deepika padukone, hrithik roshan

One of the most shocking linkup rumors has been of Hrithik Roshan and his ‘Kites’ co-star Barbara Mori. The two, no doubt, were seen together every now and then. Off-camera, Hrithik used to visit Barbara just to have some conversation. But this led the media think that they are having an affair. Even Hrithik’s wife, Sussanne, was angry to hear that and decided to have separation from him. However,they got separated later, but this was of course not the reason.

Ranbir and Sonakshi

aishwarya rai bacchan,  amitabh bacchan, deepika padukone, hrithik roshan

It can never be expected that Ranbir can date any girl other than Deepika Padkone or Katrina Kaif. The rumors that Ranbir is privately dating Sonakshi Sinha started during IIFA in the year 2012. The two, no doubt, spent much time together, but it was nothing so.

Well, these are just rumors. People have a tendency of creating controversies around happy people. They are so foolish that they rumor about anything and everything. The motive of this article was to create a sense among the people who believe in all such controversies conveyed by media.

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  1. There is a hidden true message in all the affairs they stated even though they are rubbishing it as rumour..All affairs were officialy true for a sometime before they got died down naturally..There is no smoke without fire!!!


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