Asaram Bapu celebrated Valentine’s day!


Spiritual leader Asaram Bapu was in the news for all the wrong reasons since 2008. Be it about his criminal cases filed against him, encroachment by his ashrams or his remarks on the Delhi gang rape, he broke the trust of millions and grab the attention of the media through his scandalous incidents. Asaram Bapu was arrested by Rajasthan Police on charges of sexual assault.

But despite of all this there is one thing which is worth praising about him. According to him youth should celebrate parent’s day instead of Valentine’s Day on February 14th. Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of love. This day couples are busy buying roses, chocolates, teddy bears and arranging candlelight dinners etc. But instead of spending all that money on your girlfriend and boyfriend, it is time to move beyond the red roses and soft toys. Make your parents feel special about it.


No matter how hypocrite he was, but his idea of celebrating parent’s day instead of Valentine’s Day on 14th February is very impressive. Well, the idea is not to go against Valentine’s Day or to favor Asaram Bapu, but to tell the youth it is not only about you and your girlfriend/boyfriend. People misinterpret the meaning of Valentine’s Day by celebrating it with their girlfriends and boyfriends. But the real meaning of Valentine’s is celebrating and greeting all your loved ones, be it your parents, friends or siblings. Think about it and make sure you do something special for your parents this time!


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