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The $29 billion ‘organic’ food industry has been contaminated! It is no longer trust-worthy

It’s been almost a month since I joined gym. My friends have been insisting that I should be smart, that I should replace processed food with the organic ones for better health. I thought let’s see if organic food can really make a difference.

I asked my mother to bring organic pulses.


The craze for organic food is increasing. The $29 billion organic food industry has seen a hike of 20% and is still growing like an oak tree! It is drawing people in hordes.

It’s common, though stupid, thinking that if the price is elite, the product would be truly organic. Apprehensions about the safety and value of the food we eat are inspiring a growing number of people towards packing their carts with food items labelled “organic.”


We spend nearly 50% more on organic food, expecting it to do wonders to our health and life, add five more years to it. Let’s take a reality check.

The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) reports suggest that consumers of organic food are more likely to be attacked by a relatively new, virulent strain E. Coli O157. Let me put this simply. This bacterium in organic food is causing permanent liver and kidney damage in many organic food consumers, even to those who are healthy and have strong immune systems. Shocked? So was I.


Since organic food is grown with the help of animal manure, the biggest reservoir of these nasty bacteria are afflicting and killing people. Organic farmers refuse to use artificial pesticides, letting their crop field suffer more damage from insects and rodents, creating openings through which fungi can enter the fruits and seeds.

The reality seems to be sobering. Everything was ‘organic’ in the olden times.  No fertilizers, no pesticides! That is the reason why people from the previous generations lived long and disease-free. The future is bleak, only if stricter measures are not deployed to this emerging threat.