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My Car, My Choice… scrap it if you can!

The National Green Tribunal has come up with a novel idea to check Delhi’s deteriorating pollution level. They recommend that all petrol vehicles that have burnt rubber for over 15 years, and diesel vehicles that have run beyond 10 years, should be taken off the Delhi roads. Anyone violating the rule will have his car seized by the authorities, as per the Motor Vehicle (MV) Act. Really?

This is a ridiculous, nonsensical proposal.

There are vehicles that have run for more than 10 years, yet remain well-maintained and serviced. The owners take good care and are responsible enough to ensure that they don’t pollute. At the same time, there are a number of cars that are only five years old, but because the maintenance is poor, they poison our air. Instead of keeping the age of the car as the criteria, why not introduce stern measures to control pollution?

How about a situation where a car has been driven for only 50,000 km in 10 years and has been well-maintained and serviced? The Green Tribunal could have taken a holistic look at the situation and come up with a more balanced action plan, rather than propose extreme measures.


Most people maintain their cars efficiently, even if it’s very old. What about people who can’t afford a new car? The value will also have depreciated considerably. What has he gained? How can the Government force a poor man, who responsibly maintains his car, to sell off just because it has run its dictated course? There would be a substantial drop in value and would sell more like scrap metal

Insurance companies might stop renewing car insurance for vehicles, which will be more than 10 years Old in Delhi, leading to uninsured vehicles with susceptible uninsured cars.


What will become of the ‘life time road tax’ paid, which is valid for 15 years from the date of registration. How can the same be revoked within 10 Years Itself in case of Diesel Cars? Is there any such clause in the Motor Vehicle Act?

Only after the Government and the tribunal have collectively brainstormed on the various angles should they devise an action plan. Till that happens, it would be wise on the part of the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP Government to take it easy.