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McDonald’s burger left in jacket for 5 years. Did not rot, no sign of fungus or odour

In early 2000, McDonalds was sued in the United States over the use of animal extract. They were secretly lacing its French fries with beef fat! A company that has such ghastly history should either come out clean or pack up and leave….

Ankit John from Bengaluru is a McDonalds addict. He is in recovery right now, going through extreme withdrawal symptoms. He throws up if you give him anything healthy and green and his parents, who are bearing the consequences of their neglect, can only hope that their 17-year-old son gets his taste for healthy food back. The kid is overweight and his liver is damaged, he is sluggish and has lost all colour.

There are millions of young Indians who continue to fall prey to the poisonous mix of carbs and fat, the added preservatives and chemicals that a McDonalds’ hamburger offers. While it is not likely that people will stop eating junk from McDonalds or other such fancy, killer joints, the damaging effect on our health can be controlled if we also ate fruits, vegetables and salads.

McdonaldsX Mcdonalds burger

A man from India recently proved the deadly nature of McDonalds’ burgers. He deliberately left a burger in his jacket for five years and when he examined it, he was shocked to see it did not rot! The burger had no signs of mold, fungus or even a strange odor. He still has the original receipt for the burger and he keeps educating his children on the destructive effects of junk foods, who are growing up eating what nature meant us to eat for a long and healthy life.

It is a terrible oversight on the part of our successive Governments. They have failed to arrest the growing influence of fast food culture. There are hardly any awareness programmes to teach young children why eating a burger from McDonalds could lead to obesity and heart complications. Imagine the amount of harmful chemical we pump into our system everytime we take a bite into a burger. The chemical that McDonald’s uses is used in fertilizers and cleaning products. McDonalds burgers are highly dangerous for the health of the people but it’s as if McDonalds has cast a spell!

McdonaldsX Mcdonalds burger

McDonalds food safety standard has been questioned multiple times. In a recent scandal, two customers found pieces of plastic in their chicken McNuggets. There have also been instances where McDonalds has been charged with wrongfully selling its French fries as 100% vegetarian product, when they contain beef flavoring. This created a havoc among the people who instantly raised their voices in protest.

McdonaldsX Mcdonalds burger

McDonald’s are guilty of misrepresenting the nutritional values of its hamburgers and ice cream products. In many McDonald’s outlets, there have been reports of food poisioning after eating a McDonald’s burger. In fact, in Russia, in one restaurant inspected in May, traces of E. coli had been detected.

Keeping the prices generally low is a clever tactic that makes it easy for everyone to waste money on McDonald’s. McDonald’s buns are not even baked properly. If you’ll notice, they are dry and unhealthy. These foreign country’s fast food chains are provoking the Indians to eat unhealthy fast food, leading to obesity and various other health issues.