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Khadi needs a complete makeover, they should try Body Shop

Khadi is a controversial subject. Many people thought that in advocating Khadi, Gandhi was trying to push India back to the dark ages. The main motive behind Mahatma Gandhi’s love for Khadi products was earning money and not providing quality products. Even today, a lot of products from Khadi Gramodyog are under the scanner for multiple unethical practices.

gandhi, Khadi Gramudyog, khadi products

Gandhi purposefully created the need for Khadi. Intoxicated by the idea of producing cotton through ‘Charkha’ for cloth-making, and Swaraj, he advocated its use so much that it is imposed even on modern-day Indians. Well, not strictly speaking. For a while, it was alright to adhere to Khadi products since there was little option, if any at all, to execute the concept of swaraj, but to continue its relevance in today’s time is inexplicable, especially when there are various controversies Khadi Gramodyog keeps finding itself in.

gandhi, Khadi Gramudyog, khadi products

A modern-day Indian will wear a kurta, pajama and a bandi, but not from Khadi. He will buy the same style and traditional feel from other brands that offer comfort and competitive pricing.

Khadi Gramodyog is way off the mark today. Designed to promote made in India clothing products, the so called Gramodyog has turned highly commercial and it seems they are employing all means possible to remain in the market, make sense. Some of their products do not have the ingredients mentioned, whereas some use prohibited chemicals.

gandhi, Khadi Gramudyog, khadi products

Here is a list of review for Khadi Products online and decide for yourself whether you still want to go back to it.

Khadi Amla Hair Oil:

  • The oil is very thick. It is way thicker than your normal oil. My mum had to really rub it vigorously in when she was massaging.
  • The strong amla and very jadi-buti like smell may not please some noses.

gandhi, Khadi Gramudyog, khadi products

 Khadi Amla Reetha Herbal Shampoo:

  • The product is only suited for oily scalps.

Cons of the Khadi face & Body wash

  • Aroma doesn’t last long.
  • Contains parabenes- Parabenes are a group of chemicals used as preservatives, as well as anti-bacteria agents in shampoos, shaving & shower gels, but in these cases they only come into minor contact with the skin, and then are washed away.
  • Harsh on the skin

Khadi India Neem Herbal Face Pack Review

  • 50% product used is multani mitti. I know it is good for skin but as it is neem pack not multani mitti pack.
  • It has a strong bitter smell of Neem.
  • Controls oil temporarily.

Khadi Neem Tulsi Face Pack

The ingredients mentioned are – Neem, Tulsi, Rose extracts etc. The “etc.” word leaves scope for what all is there in the product and in what quantity.

  • It’s not ready made you need to mix rose water or cucumber water for application.
  • There is no immediate glow on improvement in your skin,
  • It has strong smell of Neem.

Khadi Rose Face Scrub

  • Can get a little harsh on the skin if not used gently.
  • The packaging is a bit uncomfortable to use, the lid and the tub kind of pot.
  • Quantity is less as compared to the price.

Cons of Khadi Amla-Bhringraj Shampoo:

  • Did not help me with my hair fall
  • Saw an increase in the frizz in the hair and found them dry after each wash.
  • No mention of SLS/SLES. I am also not sure if this is the complete list of ingredients or not.

Overall Khadi is not doing justice to its name and needs a completely new branding.