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Infosys: A money-minting factory where employees feel like slaves!

It is a terrible situation if someone close to your heart thinks of commiting suicide due to work pressure. It is also appaling to note that no one bothered to listen to the reasons for entertaining such extreme thoughts. Everyone pretended to act ignorant, because supporting the victim would mean siding with him. That can only mean one thing – Dismissal on flimsy grounds.

This former Infosys employee, who had reached a stage in his life where living had become painful because of the inhumane treatment meted out on a daily basis, is reportedly planning to come out with an expose that will reveal the true face of Infosys!

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It is not uncommon for large corporations to take their employees and stakeholders for granted. They operate on the principle that since they have already established their credibility, even if they commit a misdemeanor, it is okay since they are Infosys!

Their training is useless and ineffective. The awesomeness of Infosys training is much hyped in the colleges and the student community. Infosys runs Campus Connecting Training Certification before joining, which is just not valued. Infosys gives more priority to the business process, rather than talent and skills. They don’t care about you, they will treat you like hell. There are few sets of rules, which you have to follow, even if it is suffocating.

Overtime without proper compensation is another issue that the employees struggle with. The majority of managers expects you to stay at work till late, till at least eight pm since that is Infosys’ logout time.

Talent and skills are not valued at Infosys. You will reach greater heights if you kill your conscience and become a ‘yes man’ to your boss. It is told to all the students that during training, your CGPA obtained in training will be used in projects and technology allotment, but they don’t. You better make sure while working in Infosys that your work and CGPA won’t increase your appraisal, instead it is your impression on your boss which is much more important.

In crisp and simple language, you just have to impress the boss you are working with and you are done with all the problems. Infosys is just like a money minting factory where even if they hire 12th pass students, they will be trained in six months and can work with the project. This is the ground reality of not only Infosys, but also for Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, TCS and many more. The only good thing about these companies is their infrastructure. When you’ll enter the office, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a 5 star hotel. That’s what MNC’s are all about.