FASHION – Think twice before flaunting your inner wear!

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Sure you love to wear cropped or tank tops, and sleeveless or low-neck outfits. But if your bra strap plays peek-a-boo from the outfit, nothing can be more embarrassing! Even if it is a transparent strap or some bright colour, you cannot let it pass as a “fashion statement”.
Also, white is a preferred colour in the summers. Wearing a black or dark coloured bra under a white outfit is also a major blunder. Try to be as careful as you can to avoid the bra straps from showing, by wearing the perfect fit and size. You can also have loops inside your dress to hold the straps. If you really want to flaunt your bra, then flaunt it with the style and in such a way that it doesn’t look cheap.
If you really want to flaunt your bra, wear an off shoulder top in contrast to your bra and you can easily flaunt your strep of the bra.

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