Don’t be shocked…Ready to be Knocked!!!

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Potatoes are almost the staple food of India. We add it to almost every dish and there are a lot of health benefits of potatoes. Also we all love French Fries thinking it is one of the quick healthy snacks, even though we are well aware of the fact that fries are fattening. But to add to the shock you are cooking up a carcinogen and it can increase your risk of cancer.


Try and avoid French fries and don’t panic, if you are cooking fries try and bath it raw after slicing.

Bathing raw, sliced potatoes in water for 2 hours before frying reduced acrylamide content by 48%. A 30-minute soak dropped levels by 38% and a 30-second rinse resulted in a 23% decrease.This is an easy way to make your fries safer. As we all know Prevention is better than cure. Just prevent.

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