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Donald Trump’s aversion to student immigrants will make other nations richer

Way before America chose its President, various independent studies predicted that if ever Donald Trump were to become the President Elect of the US, immigrants and international students would have a tough time. Trump rode to success using the immigration plank, and promising to “Make America Great Again”. He proved that preventive policy priorities and venomous rhetoric make for big propaganda.

Donald Trump on Barack Obama
Donald Trump on Barack Obama

Now that the realtor has become the President, foreign students are wary of going to the United States for higher education. Since his winning the election, there have been various media reports about international students flocking to “safer” countries like Canada, Germany, or Australia.

A leader who makes no attempts to hide his abhorrence for immigrants, is likely to form an administration that would downsize the foreign students’ quota. Students, who are “un-American”, will be made scapegoats on the pretext that all social ills come from immigrants. Students fear the Trump government will cut university enrollments, dry up revenue for both universities and local governments by pushing away top global talent, elsewhere!

Indian students in America being greeted by Barack Obama
Indian students in America being greeted by Barack Obama

There is also a great likelihood that even if foreign students are accepted in US varsities, the late processing will lead to delayed admissions, meaning students will miss out on a major chuck of their semester or year. That’s not all. The economy is going to be hurt badly. The National Association of International Educators found that in the Academic Year 2014-2015, foreign students contributed a whopping $30 billion to the American economy, and filled in over 373,000 jobs.

According to The New York Times, there is an increase in the number of foreign applications for universities in Canada since Trump got elected. The report also says that in India, students are worried about their academic prospects in the US. There are now planning to chart the waters and travel to Australia or Singapore instead!

The Wired has rightly reported, “Trump’s immigration crackdown could spark tech brain drain.” While America might be losing out on nurturing international talent, other countries are capitalizing on the sudden flow of students to their soil. China, Canada, and Germany are emerging as hotspots for foreign students.

Rudraksh group mohali
Besides USA, Canada is one of the preferred destinations

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