India Vs Pakistan top clash on 15th morning. Will India be loosing the greatest battle ever.

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The arch rivals will be fighting on the pitch on the morning of 15th February for the most considerate crown – ‘The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015’. India versus Pakistan, the most awaited match for the cricket maniacs in the two neighbouring countries. The cricket world cup is the tournament which adds just a little more flavor to this game. And cricket is what has given a new meaning to the relations between the two countries. It is seen as an opportunity to enhance our friendly ties and also as a battle field. In this scenario players also play with their hearts not mind (which usually does not happens).

Pakistan's cricket team celebrate after winning the Asia Cup one-day

Wishes are flowing in from everywhere for the two teams. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sent his wishes not only to team India, but also to the opponent team. All set and every team is buckled up for this distinguished cup. Since the world cup of 1992 India remains unbeaten by Pakistan in the world cup tournament, but some stats should be kept in mind…

Total Test matches played: 59

Won by Pakistan: 12

Won by India: 9

Draw/ No result: 38

Total ODI matches played: 126

Won by Pakistan: 72

Won by India: 50

Draw/ No result: 4

Total T20Is matches played: 6

Won by Pakistan: 1

Won by India:  4

Draw/ No result: 1



The cricket gurus are also having questions regarding the performance of India. As the team has not proven itself worthy of ‘The cup’. Because the way they have performed in the pre series matches that is a disaster. So being confident is not wrong on the part of the Pakistani team. Team India is not in a great shape right now, and it will be a mistake if they will take our neighbours for granted. As everyone on the other side is claiming that the first win in the tournament for them will be very easy. Maybe they have spotted the loop holes in Indian cricket team.

Let’s just hope that the long running rivalry will provoke the patriotism in Team India and boost up the spirit of the game.


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