Periods give women the power to create life! How can God see her as unclean and impure?

Women on periods in India have always been ostracised & quarantined. It’s degrading for a woman on period to be told she’s dirty and polluted, that she is unfit to visit God. If she cheats and enters a temple or a mosque, she would invite the wrath of God. All of this is being said on behalf of God! In reality, it is fabricated GodSpeak!

Is there a scripture that prohibits menstruating women from visiting temples? Did Prophet Muhammad ever tell Muslim women to stay away from Friday Prayers if they were undergoing their monthly cycle? No, God is better than that!


Since the beginning of time, priests and the maulvis have indoctrinated Indian women with false sense of righteousness and virtues. Mothers were made to believe that menstruation meant impurity, they were strongly advised against allowing their menstruating daughters from going to temples and mosques. They even instilled the fear of God, saying He looks down upon women with impure blood. It was easy to convince gullible Indian women with fabricated GodSpeak.

In most traditional homes, especially in the South, such practices still exist. The moment the girl reaches puberty, she is repeatedly reminded of the dos and don’ts during her period. She is not even allowed to be part of puja at home.


Most religions have menstrual rules and restrictions. I have a problem with women being barred from religious events for a quarter of every month because their menstrual blood is seen as dirty or polluting. How can something as natural as menstruation be looked down upon? Many temples and mosques have signs that prohibit menstruating women from entering. It is 21st century’s biggest disgrace.

In most Christian churches today, menstruating women can attend church, but they are not permitted to receive communion in conservative Orthodox churches. Although Eve was cursed by God with pain during childbirth, not menstruation, Christians later started seeing menstruation as religiously infected.

Certain religious commandments that have come from our ancestors don’t have any relevance today. Treating menstruating women as impure might have been the tradition in olden days; it has no space in our society today. After all, it’s the same blood which is used to nourish the baby. But unless women themselves question such nonsensical belief system, nothing will change.


The tragic part is that many women actually follow this ritual voluntarily. Because it was drilled into their psyche from childhood, it became a reality by the time they grew up. It is important for women’s organisation to educate them, show them the light. Fighting rape is not their only responsibility. Training women to think differently, and helping them shed olden beliefs, are as significant.

In traditional homes, women were forbidden from even entering the kitchen during menstruation. She depended on family members to feed her food and water. The blood of a menstruating woman is as pure as yours and mine. It’s a shame that she is ostracized or quarantined! Menstruation is a pure biological process, and it is illegal to prevent menstruating women from entering the holy premises.


Why do we sabotage the condition of women with such grotesque ideology of her not entering the kitchen,  not allowing to perform any rituals, not allowing her to be a part of family’s pooja, not allowing to enter the temples, mosques  because she is impure, on her period?

 I have seen women in my extended family practicing this religious dogma over the years. I have questioned them, but to no avail. After all, years and years of motivated belief system cannot be debunked overnight. They are scared of defying God. But then, God never meant it to be this way

Women no longer need to talk about these issues in hushed tones. No need to whisper anymore, woman!