Mohan Bhagwat, Ashok Singhal… tame your Hinduism-obsessed goons!


Mr. Bhagwat and Mr. Singhal may not have been involved in the on-going cases of vandalism and may not know about the incidents and the role played by the National Hindu Movement, they are still responsible as leaders of Hindus. When they keep quiet on such acts, they reveal their true identity.

People who are part of the numerous Hindu movement groups, basically the most extreme, intense Hindus, are a nervous lot today. Even in majority, they are feeling threatened by Christianity and Islam. With a decaying and unbending mindset, the self-proclaimed saviours of Hinduism are violating the sanctity of other religious sentiments by behaving like untamed animals.

The National Hindu Movement, an umbrella organisation for Hindu right wing groups, held demonstrations in Ponda, central Goa, on Sunday and urged the Hindu parents not to deprive their children of Hindu culture by admitting them in convent schools. It further demanded that the word ‘secular’ should be deleted from the Constitution and called for an end to “appeasing the minorities.”


People like the RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat, Ashok Singhal and Ramdev, to name just an infamous few, are injecting the blood of intolerance into the veins of hundreds of thousands of followers, who follow blindly. The followers, who are actually goons with freedom to operate with impunity, have no mind of their own. They have been systematically converted into extremists and are regularly fuelled with hatred for the others.

The Hindu leaders are frustrated, powerless and rattled and it is reflecting in the chaos being created on streets these days. The reason for such aggravations lies in the fact that Mohan Bhagwat has no say with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Till Modi arrived on the scene, the RSS chief was always very influential and was presumed to have the BJP’s chief’s ears.

With Modi having established his independent streak and unwillingness to pay heed to such fundamentalists, the Sangh Parivaar’ may be feeling abandoned.

The Hindu extremists are running riot. They are destroying churches, raping old nuns, converting and beating up people to protest. They are telling where our children should study. They are arrested for ceremonial purpose, to be released later with due respect. They are a very strong unit, supposedly backed by some very powerful people in powerful positions.


Fortunately, in Narendra Modi, India has a no-nonsense, righteous leader. It is up to him now.  Strong warnings have emerged from the Prime Minister’s office but it seems to have little effect.

People like Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi Prachi of VHP and more should be given final warnings. Repeating the offence of being inciteful and hateful should not only land them in jail, they should be expelled from the party.

Such people need to be reminded that India is a secular country. Whether a parent admits his child to a convent school or a Hindu school, it’s his privilege alone. Nobody else, certainly not the hockey stick wielding goons, have the right to impose or dictate.

Once the government makes up its mind, secure in the knowledge that they have the mandate of the country, the fundamentalists will no longer survive. The question is, when?

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