Contain ISIS(sation) of impressionable Indian youths before it turns against us!

Terrorism is the only phenomenon with the potential to bind together even the most staunchest of enemies. It has reared its ugliest head so far with the emergence of ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’ (ISIS). Extremists at core, these Islamist fundamentalists have come a long way in double quick time. They control major territories in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Nigeria and are threatening to engulf as many parts as it aggressively can.


On June 29, 2014, the band of international killers proclaimed themselves to be a worldwide caliphate, with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi being named its caliph! They have beheaded a large number of foreign nationals who were abducted by ISIS’ forces. They are armed with the latest in warfare and their numbers are increasing by the day.

India is not untouched. A large number of cases have appeared in the news that point towards a disturbing trend. India has a significant number of Sunni Muslims and it seems natural that more and more young, impressionable men will be drawn to the ISIS. The establishment of Global Islamic Council could be the explanation for ISIS’ rising appeal in India. We read about disclosures about young Indians declaring their allegiance to ISIS, showcasing pride and pleasure in their Sunni predecessors.


For them, the idea of being an Indian national is of no consequence compared to the promise of one religion one rule. The message of Islam is being convoluted and presented in an altered form, appealing to the passion in a person.

The Indians, blinded by religious fervor, also realise that ISIS is too powerful and cannot be easily destroyed because of its international nature. Terrorist outfits like the Al Qaeda, Hamas, Lashkar-e-Tayiba or the Taliban, are limited in their scope, they have no influence beyond their territory. ISIS, on the other hand, has a global agenda, it wants to spread its tentacles far and beyond. These Indians, who have been exposed to their idea, believe there is future in ISIS. Theer is also the lure of unimaginable wealth and women.


People are also joining ISIS because there is hardly any employment opportunities in the Arab world. They lack economic opportunities and weakened welfare systems are forcing citizens to turn militant. It’s like any other job for some, who are more concerned about feeding their families rather than living for Allah.

Only virgin women are allowed to join ISIS. The terror group strips girls naked, conducts virginity tests and sends them to slave auctions after they have attacked their villages, often killing their husbands, fathers and brothers. ISIS terrorists pick out the ‘prettiest virgins’ from the women they capture and send them to Syria stronghold to be sex slaves, yet another reason why men want to join ISIS – free sex with virgins. It’s not just the religious angle, theer are myriad other resons why ISIS keeps swelling in numbers.


These pretty virgin girls are asked cook food, have sex and kill their own husband, father and brother. Men enjoy having Biryani cooked by these pretty virgin brides. More than 60 girls from London school have joined ISIS till now. ISIS has nothing to do with religion as it is perceived. ISIS is just like any other job and not only the terror group for the people, which helps them feed their family.

The ISIS wants to impose Sharia law and have also declared war on the Shias. India has a sizeable population of Sunni Muslims and they feel this is the right time to purge the Shias out of existence.


ISIS is also using social media to its great advantage. Within ISIS, there is a section that is technologically sound and ptoficient. Through Facebook, they are motivating and instructing the Muslim youths around the world. Indian youths are being brainwashed by the scholarly in ISIS, they are being promised eternal happiness and virgins in heavens. We are smarter than that, yet, theer are those who are misled and misinformed. These are the neglected sections, Indian muslims who feel sidelined and unwanted. We need to address that first. Perhaps, these Indian muslims feel threatened because of their religion in India. They are joining the evil forces because at home in India, they don’t feel any better. People are even converting to Islam so that they can join the gangs of ISIS. This is unprecedented and a worry for every civil society.


Every country in the world should amend their laws and engage in creating counter measures. South East Asia has a huge population of Sunni Muslims, so it could prove vital for the States to start ant-ISIS campaign. Sunni youths, who are vulnerable to influence, should be motivated under the modern Islamic school of thoughts. They should be shown the atrocities committed by SIS against humanity.

Beheadings on camera, strategic release of footage showing off their state-of-the-art weapons & manpower and hyperbole are tactics used by ISIS to intimidate the world.

ISIS also has women force and only those are virgins are inducted into the force. They are stripped naked, examined, and then sworn in.