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Is Mount Kailash a man-made pyramid?

Mount Kailash, the Himalayan peak, is shrouded in mysticism. Besides being the religious seat of various religions, viz., Hinduism, the various sects of Buddhism and Jainism, the peak nestled in the Western parts of Tibet, has evoked great curiosity among scientists and mystics alike.

Hindus revere Mount Kailash as the snowy abode of Lord Shiva, the supreme force. Jains believe Rishaba, the first of the twenty-four Tirthankaras attained liberation in this very mountain. Tantric Buddhists believe Kailash is the home of Buddha Demchok, who represents supreme bliss. Bonpos believe their founder descended from heaven and first landed on this sacred Himalayan peak. For the Tibetan Buddhists, Kailash is a natural ‘mandala’ that represents the Buddhist cosmology on the earth. They also believe Demchog and his consort, Dorje Phagmo reside here.

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The perpendicular four wall faces of Mount Kailash make climbing an impossible task.

Modern-day satellite images from Google Maps and NASA reveal that Mount Kailash, with an altitude of 6,714 meters, is the axis mundi, or center of the Earth. The grandeur of the peak lies in its distinct shape; four perpendicular faces marking the cardinal points of the compass. It appears like a huge pyramid, like the one in Giza. There have been many speculations that such a perfect-shaped structure is not nature’s wonder, but would need human intervention.


The perpendicular four wall faces of Mount Kailash make climbing an impossible task. There has been no official record of any climbing attempt, and the handful of people who dared to walk up the mountain never returned. This site is like energy vortices that can either uplift physical and mental states or degenerate the climber.

In 1999, a group of Russian scientists, led by Professor ER Muldasheva, claimed that Mount Kailash is actually a massive man-made pyramid built in the ancient times. The study said the mountain is made of hundred smaller pyramids, and could be the centre of all paranormal activities. The reference is not new. The Ramayana refers to Mount Kailash as a pyramid, much before history was written by humans. The Vedas mentioned the peak as a cosmic axis and world pillar.

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Mount Kailash is the religious seat of various religions, viz., Hinduism, the various sects of Buddhism and Jainism.

Scientists headed by Muldasheva concluded that the complex structure of pyramids was built by people from an advanced civilization, who were well-aware about the laws of subtle energy (torsion field) and gravitational force. But the Russian claim was refuted by Chinese scientists three years later; they officially negated the finding in the Chinese Press.

China, which believes Mount Kailash belongs to them, must have thought it was necessary to refute Muldasheva claims, or else the idea would gain a lot of international press.

Several intellectuals have tried to discover the world hidden in Mount Kailash. Many of these people were ready to believe in the existence of the super-natural in whatever form – higher intelligence, power, or energy. This interest remains strong to this day to find the most powerful point of power, but the mysterious mountain has retained its secrets within, not letting any human successfully scale it ever.

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