Hindutva Groups cow fetish is absurd!

It may be fair to protect the cow and prevent them from symbolic killing, but does that mean we will make a cow our national animal? According to Hindutva Groups, cows should be declared as our national animal in place of the endangered tiger, whose numbers have grown to over 100000. Ashok Kumar Pandey said, ‘A tiger is known for its carnivorous nature, a cow is revered owing to the fact that from its milk to urine and dung are being used by the mankind’.

Hindutva groups

Though we agree that it is not right to kill animals, but making cow our national animal is a ridiculous idea. National animals are not changed periodically at the whims and fancy of some radical outfit. No matter how many tigers are there in India, they are still less in number as compared to the cows. In addition to that, tiger signifies power. Changing our national animal on this silly issue won’t take us anywhere. Making cow as our national animal won’t increase respect for gau mata because Indians today don’t care.

Earlier, Hindutva Group came up with yet another change where they said that Ganga should be considered as national river and cow should be considered as national animal. People like Ashok Kumar Pandey should teach people that they won’t stop eating beef even if cow is made a national animal. They cannot suddenly come up with any rule and ask people to follow it, especially when it is about the food.

Hindutva Groups

Cow is a religious animal in India. There are people who consider cow as a gau mata, but that doesn’t mean we will make her a national animal. People, who seriously want to respect and worship cows, will do it in both the situations and people, who don’t want to respect and worship, will not do it any way. Hindutva Groups just come up with absurd reasons to prove their point. It would be better for them to focus on their lives and other personal things. The animals, whether cow or tiger, will take care of themselves.
Hindutva Groups

Ashok Kumar Pandey, we agree that a citizen should not kill animals, but we also need to understand that we need to protect all the animals. We cannot make each animal our national animal.