You & I are responsible for Meenakshi’s death. Arvind Kejriwal should blame us, not Delhi Police!

Aam Aadmi Party has been in power for around six months now, but they have still not developed the art of running a Government. Because playing politics over the death of a 19-year-old girl is certainly not what Arvind Kejriwal was voted in for.


It is appalling to hear Arvind Kejriwal hold Delhi Police responsible for Meenakshi’s death. How could they be? Was someone from the Delhi Police assigned to protect Meenakshi? Did the stabbing in a crowded area happen under the watch of a police officer? Each and every Delhiite cannot be assigned a policeman. Even if the number of Delhi Police personnel is doubled, crime against not just women, but mankind, will still take place.

Most laughable was Arvind Kejriwal’s attack on Narendra Modi, holding him responsible as well for Meenakshi’s death. It’s a ludicrous idea and hinges on insanity. For every crime, there is only one guilty party – Narendra Modi. Politics of vengeance has never paid any dividends. It is better if Arvind removes it from his political repertoire.

The only remedy lies with the public, but the voter-conscious Arvind Kejriwal failed to point out the obvious. The stabbing took place in front of hundreds of witnesses. It was just a knife, not even a gun, but no one had the courage to step forward and confront the culprit. We are so coward that we let a young girl die without making any effort to prevent it. Over a hundred spineless people stood there, watching, as if it was a scene from a movie being shot.


Arvind Kejriwal has not once spoken about the failure of his dear voters. He didn’t even poke at their conscience. For him, the people of Delhi, who were witness to the crime, did not have any responsibility. The Delhi Police Gypsy should have magically been there in anticipation of the stabbing! The police should be omnipresent, they should learn the dark art of premonition so that they can be present at the scene before crime takes place, right?

The same murder would have taken place even if the Delhi Police had been under the Delhi Government. It’s that simple.

Gaining political mileage by making noise will further disappoint Arvind’s voters. His confrontational politics has not yielded any benefit for the citizens of the State. Instead of focusing on controlling the police, the AAP should pay attention to the problems that the city’s sewage system is facing. Water logging during monsoon is a menace, how about we address that first?


And why is Kejriwal asking for control over Delhi Police? There are reported criminal elements in the Aam Aadmi Party and Kejriwal fears they could be arrested anytime. With Police under him, he believes he would be better equipped to protect his own.

Arvind Kejriwal must realise that the Delhi Police follows the system, not individuals. The Delhi Police is accountable to the Government and through it, to the Parliament. This is not Modi’s diktat, but part of Indian constitution.

Kejriwal is meeting with the Delhi police commissioner, BS Bassi, to discuss the law and order situation in Delhi. We don’t know what Kejriwal is thinking, but we certainly hope he doesn’t get arrested! He can be extremely offensive when he wants to.

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