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Will animal-lover Maneka Gandhi whack the BJP MLA for breaking the leg of a horse?

An innocent animal might never be able to walk again, all due to the barbarity of one man. This Monday, a BJP MLA from Uttarakhand (Mussoorie) mercilessly beat a police horse, breaking the hind leg of the poor animal. Veterinarians in Dehradun attending to the animal say they might have to amputate the limb, which has multiple fractures.


BJP workers from Uttarakhand were staging a protest against the state Chief Minister Harish Rawat for “misuse” of funds. Allegedly, altercations between the police and party workers started and MLA Ganesh Joshi picked up a stick from a police personnel and started whacking the horse on its legs. Soon party workers joined him in thrashing the animal.

Video footages available on the internet show the horse lying with a bloodied broken limb, unable to stand on its legs. Ironically, in this case, it was Joshi who “misused” his power to turn a healthy beast into a handicapped being!

Detractors of a strange kind will argue that when lakhs of Indians are rotting due to acute poverty, the media is turning its attention to a “local” incident of an animal getting hurt. Well, I would like to tell cynics that just because of India’s poverty, a politician who has several responsibilities on his shoulder, can’t display cruelty towards a harmless animal.


India’s dying millions can’t be used as a shield every time people in the country raise their voice against animal cruelty. In fact, I believe, animals need us more, for the mere reason that they can’t speak against extreme barbarity meted out to them by us humans.

Joshi, on the other hand, has shown no signs of remorse. He rather defended his action, saying “As soon as some water was given to the horse he was fine, he was just thirsty. I am not at fault at all.”

Beating or killing of stray dogs is a crime in this country. The BJP’s Union Minister for Women and Child development, Menaka Gandhi is a well-known animal lover. She has spearheaded a campaign to protect the stray dogs. In the past, she would bring anyone to his knees if found treating animals with cruelty. People are asking why the minister has not spoken on this particular issue…

Animal activist Maneka Gandhi, who usually voices her opinion on animal cruelty, has not spoken on the Dehradun incident.

I bet, Maneka Gandhi will choose to ignore the incident as a mere “exception.” The minister, who was known for her sharp repartee in her heydays, has undergone a surprising transformation currently. Her role as a minister seems to have doused her fiery spirit. Her activism is now narrow and selective. Also, she chooses to speak only on issues that would not put her bosses or the party name in jeopardy.

As for putting BJP in tight spots, the party’s periphery workers, such as MLAs and MPs have been doing enough to leave the party red-faced every now and then. Only last month, Rajasthan’s condom-counting MLA, and a BJP youth worker from UP who threatened to cut JNU’s Kanhaiya Kumar’s tongue for being “anti-national” have greatly embarrassed the party with their dim-witted opinions.

Well, in retrospect, I believe, the poor horse would have been saved from the pain, had the Uttarakhand Police used bullock carts to the protest. Because, hitting a bull or a cow is unthinkable for us Indians.