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Wikileaks expose: Hillary Clinton created chaos in Libya to take over its oil reserves

I wonder what would happen if WikiLeaks someday hacked the emails of the some prominent Indian netas… In all probability, WikiLeaks would have a tough time handling the barrage of mails steeped in corruption, and secondly, they would resign and put their hands in despair after may be a few hours, because corruption and politics in India are like Siamese twins.

Well, if we look towards the West, we Indians won’t feel sad, for the mighty US is also exposed for throwing human rights out of the window to go in search of the liquid gold called oil.


A brand new laundry list of scam has risen from the Clinton stable, and this time it’s not Bill, rather his ‘righteous’ wife Hillary. While the entire world knows of America’s “humanitarian” invasions, it takes a few thousand emails to form the state secretary Hillary Clinton to establish the fact.

A couple of weeks back, Wikileaks blamed internet giants Facebook and Google for being complicit with Hillary Clinton and not letting certain videos and mails leak, quite literally!  One of Hillary’s emails that was released by WikiLeaks indicates that the former secretary of state flexed her political muscle to influence Google CEO Larry Page to block controversial anti-Muslim videos on YouTube.


WikiLeaks have launched a searchable archive for the 30,322 emails and attachments sent and received from Hillary’s private email server while she served as the nation’s top diplomat. The released emails have blown up the facade of Hillary’s “oh so caring” demeanour. The presidential front-runner had engineered the chaos in Libya that eventually led to the downfall of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Hillary’s greed didn’t merely stop at Libya. The mails also point out that she pushed for oil privatization in Mexico. Forwarded emails show her claiming that a Sunni-Shiite war in the Middle-East would do good to America and its political ally Israel.


It doesn’t come as a surprise that internet bosses like Google and Facebook would side with a top state official, who exerts a lot of power over the world. They are no “humanitarian beacons”. It’s a different thing that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg give away most of their wealth to charity.

After the outage Google has tried to distance itself from the stink by saying it banned the video locally as it was not suitable. They claim, they didn’t give in to pressure.

On the other side of the spectrum is Wikileaks. It is another gray area out for its own aspersions and ideology. When WikiLeaks does reveal troop locations, battle plans, informant lists, and the ilk, it puts armed forces and civilians in danger. But they still do it.


A lot of spy agents had to be pulled due to Wikileaks documents. We probably will never learn if anyone died because of them either. As always free speech ends when it infringes upon others rights, especially inalienable ones like life. However, as long as no one is in danger, all of it should be published and defended.

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