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Why Hate Arvind Kejriwal? The Delhi chief minister is doing the best he can, and more.

Goonj, a social-centric online organisation, recently conducted an online survey to determine who India hates the most. A pretty morbid idea, I’d say.

But the survey brought out some interesting facts. Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has been voted the most hated Indian of 2015. In the Goonj India Index 2015, Kejriwal is followed by Rahul Gandhi, and actor Aamir Khan. News anchor Arnab Goswami has notched the fourth position. The assessment by Indians is mostly fine.


But, Arvind Kejriwal?

That the Delhi CM has topped the list surprises me. He is a maverick, ready to play David to the Goliaths at the center. Could it be that the people, who voted in the survey, not even near close to representing India’s opinion, are a class that is not yet ready to accept change? Arvind Kejriwal, love him or hate him, has revolutionized Indian politics and many are finding it hard to adjust to something good happening. They could be too used to accepting the corrupt way of life all around them.

I think he has done better than most of his brethren. His recent odd-even car drive has been running successfully. He has no scams or corruption charges against him. So why then is the person most hated? With deep-rooted mind sets, Indians find it difficult to accept changes. And with the internet, it’s so easy to abuse a person from the comfort of home. I would call it armchair hooliganism.

The Aam Aadmi Party likes to take risks, calculated ones, and with faith in the people who voted for him. He believes people know he’d never cheat them. He cares about the environment, follows no VIP protocol, and doesn’t throw his weight around. I like the man, because he actually makes me feel that WE can be the change.


Before the odd-even rule was applied to Delhi, the internet went berserk forecasting how this was a sure failure. There were hordes of tweets and FB posts slaying the minister for his stupid rule. Nobody had even experienced this kind of thing, but everybody was quick to jump the gun.

I was very skeptical and wondered if people would actually comply with the rule. But I was surprised to see near-vacant roads on January 1. I dismissed it as the New Year hangover effect and decided to wait and watch Monday. But Monday came and went like a breeze. So if the list considers the number of negativity that was garnered before the launch of the odd-even policy, they are right. But if you look at the positive feedback that has been pouring steadily now, that old list means nothing.

However, when it comes to the other contenders in the list, I agree the internet might be right. Rahul Gandhi, always the butt of internet jokes, deserves his name on the list. With a silly foot-in-the-mouth syndrome, he is hated for his inconsequential comments. No matter how confident the man seems, his speech hardly makes an impact. I always wonder who his speech writers are!


After the Gandhi scion comes back from his Europe sojourn, maybe he should consider changing his speech writer and travel advisor. His train travels in the general compartment and his meeting farmers is not really helping Congress much.

What surprises me is that motor-mouth Arnab Goswami has been ranked fourth. He should have been at the top of the list. Well, personally speaking. There are so many internet memes on this man that it’s hard to ignore him. People love to hate him. He’s India’s keeper of justice. He portrays himself as the lone man who has the custody of anyone who has been wronged. He loves to insult people righteously in his ‘kangaroo court.’ First he invites them to his talk show, and then he flays them for holding whatever opinions they hold. He has a pitch so high that it will put the fish market vendors to shame!


Now that the Most Hated list is out, let us wait for a positive turn of events from the influential people listed here. Poor Kejriwal.

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