What’s the story behind Amar Singh’s 5 million dollars donation to Clinton charity?

Amar Singh’s generosity knows no boundaries. The former leader of Samajwadi Party is in the news again for his generous donation to the Clinton Charity in 2008. Mr. Singh made a donation of a whooping 5 million dollars in the name of Clinton Charity. It is a heart-warming gesture made by a political leader and should be remembered in the history for all the good reasons, but something smelled fishy in this particular scenario.

Amar Singh

An American daily, New York Post, came out with a report regarding the donations made in the name of Clinton Charity, and they made revelations keeping in mind the forthcoming election in the United States. The news, which should be a nightmare for the Clintons, has affected Mr. Amar Singh too.

Amar Singh donated 5 million dollars, so according to his election affidavit, he must have donated more than 20% of his property to this charity. However, according to the American daily, he was in America to obtain civil nuclear technology and he used this charity as a bribe, maybe because in return of this amount he was promised that America will seal this deal with India.

Amar Singh

Earlier, Amar Singh never denied that he himself made the donation, but never cleared the air and provided media with confusing statements like “maybe somebody made this donation in my name”. However, this is giving nightmares to Mr. Singh who is seeking to revive his political career these days. He is seen going to the leaders of all political parties and trying to find a way in.

This is not the first instance which has questioned Amar Singh. A few years ago, his generosity had come back to haunt him. He has allegedly paid custom duty charge on a white Bentley at New Delhi airport. According to the reports, he paid 8.5 million custom duty charges for Amitabh Bachchan’s gift to his son, Abhishek Bachchan. Later, he denied the allegations and threatened everyone that he will sue the media, the politicians, whoever is talking against him behind his back.

Amar Singh

Amar Singh is quite good at concealing his wealth from the eyes of public scrutiny. Someone should investigate it.