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Was the Khalistan movement funded by Vatican to eliminate Indira Gandhi?

Indira Gandhi must have had a premonition of her death. A day before she was killed on 31 October, 1984, by her own bodyguards, she stated at a public rally: “Nobody knows how many attempts have been made to shoot me… I do not care whether I live or die… Every drop of my blood will invigorate India and strengthen it…”

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her own bodyguards on 31 October, 1984.

In this foreboding speech, she preceded the fear of death, and in an unwitting way, declared an imminent carnage that started right after she was killed. The Anti-Sikh riot wiped off nearly 2,800 Sikhs all over India, with 2,100 in Delhi alone.

In my previous articles, I presented to you the credible hypothesis of the role of Vatican in orchestrating the murders of Indira Gandhi and her two sons.  It was widely known that the assassination of Gandhi was carried out by Khalistani fundamentalists, who avenged the attack on the Golden Temple. The PM launched Operation Blue Star on the temple in an autocratic decision to snuff out Khalistani extremists who were hiding there.

Soldiers firing at suspects during Operation Blue Star in Golden Temple, Amritsar.

A blog written by an alleged ex-RAW agent points out that the plan to murder India’s most influential Prime Minister might have been the handiwork of the Vatican. This intelligence agent claims he was in office during the reign of Indira Gandhi, and was privy to most of the intelligence data. The Khalistan movement had a separatist agenda and they were supported by Pakistan and its intelligence ISI in their quest. As the movement picked momentum, Canada which houses a majority of Sikhs, lent their support too, but chose to distance itself when the move became violent.

A big cache of arms of all makes was recovered from the dead extremists who were hiding inside the Golden Temple.

The Indian intelligence scratched its head when of all organisations, the Vatican showed interest in Khalistan. Around 1980, Vatican had discussions with certain section of influential Sikhs, who pledged their support to the Sikh separatist movement. The interactions were explained as the “right of Vatican to have an interest in other religious organizations”, and seemed innocent.

After Blue Star Operation was concluded in June 1984, a big cache of arms of all makes were recovered from the dead extremists inside the Golden Temple. Indian intelligence sources had “definitive” information that Vatican’s super secret intelligence Opus Dei funded the Khalistani outfit from outside. Russian intelligence agencies, including KGB, had warned India about certain Western spies who collaborated with the Sikh separatists and had even suggested of taking action, but no preventive measures were taken by the government.

Indira Gandhi
Indira Gandhi dismissed security experts repeated warnings that her life was in danger.

A fatal retaliation on Indira Gandhi was expected from the Khalistani rebels, and security experts warned the PM twice about a security shuffle. But Indira Gandhi dismissed the theory, as advised by her personal assistant RK Dhawan, and decided to retain her Sikh bodyguards. Indira Gandhi had to pay the price of this erroneous decision by sacrificing her life.

So with two members down in the Gandhi family, the eldest son Rajiv Gandhi took the mantle from his deceased mother. He was not cut for politics, and he was to make many erroneous decisions that would cost him his life in 1991. And finally, Sonia Gandhi, the wife of Rajiv rose to political prominence, in what seemed like a twisted blow of fate.

Let me contain myself here and discuss the conspiracy angles of Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in my next article.

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