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Was Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination an inside job?

This is my final piece on the series of ‘unnatural deaths’ in Indira Gandhi’s family. In the preceding articles, I dwelt on a consistent theme: the role of Vatican in striking out all the three members of Indira Gandhi’s family. It is quite unlikely that the deaths were mere coincidences. Let’s connect the dots in this final piece.

My previous article had pointed out that the LTTE was in cahoots with the Vatican in killing Rajiv Gandhi. Norway’s intelligence agency NIS had acted as a mediator in the peace process of Sri Lanka. The agency had a strong command over LTTE boss Prabhakaran; it had aided the militant outfit with funds, and had imparted military training and logistical support.

LTTE’s human bomb Dhanu waits for Rajiv Gandhi’s arrival at Sriperumbudur on the fateful night of May 21, 1991.

It’s an open secret that NIS and some Scandinavian spy agencies worked in collaboration with Opus Dei, an intelligence establishment of the Vatican. If we look at international relations, it will become clearer that Norway shared borders with Soviet Russia in the eighties, and the Vatican had an ulterior motive: to separate orthodox Russian church from the communists.

After Rajiv Gandhi was murdered on the fateful night of 21 May, 1991, a special investigation team (SIT) was formed to crack the case. Several other intelligence probe teams were also formulated, which were to work under SIT. In a “tell-all” blog, an ex-Indian intelligence agent claims to have been in one such team with four more members. This group was working on the Vatican angle, based on inputs provided by various international intelligence agencies, right from the reign of PM Indira Gandhi.

Sonia Gandhi (centre), along with her children Rahul and Priyanka, stand by the funeral pyre of Rajiv Gandhi.

The blogger has mentioned that RAW had intelligence inputs (after Rajiv’s death) about NIS giving a nod to strike Rajiv, assuring Prabhakaran of no retaliation from India. Russian intelligence had intercepted wires of communication between NIS and the Tamil Tigers; the timing of the strike was a pre-condition laid by the NIS to LTTE. A political murder right before the general elections presents the best situation to sway the mood of the masses.

PV Narasimha Rao, who was the PM then, had made it a point to receive every detail of the probe directly at his table; he didn’t want any intermediaries to be involved. The 5-member team sent a detailed analysis report to the PMO. The report listed the various theories but had not presented any conclusion. In the most scandalous revelation, the blogger has disclosed that five days after the analysis was submitted, the probe team was dissolved. They were ordered to work on another theory, with the “advice” that each one of them should refrain from working on “farfetched” theories and rather concentrate on “realistic” ones.

Remains of Rajiv’s Gandhi’s attire that he was wearing when a human bomb killed him along with 14 other people.

It becomes disturbingly evident that the LTTE was a mere vassal to carry out the murder of Rajiv Gandhi. Someone from within India was drawing the invisible strings that drew the final curtain on the scion of Indira Gandhi.

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