U.S.A. the most ignorant and arrogant country in the world and still have nerve to boss around in the world.

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At one place where PM Modi is greeting the people of our country with the best wishes for the Mahashivratri on the other place the walls of Hindu temple are vandalised. This heinous act has taken place in none other than the most superior country of the world United States of America.

Series of racist attacks are recorded from all over the country where the amalgamation of the culture can be seen and it inhabits vast culture diversity from all over the world. In the last few days only the three major acts of racism are recorded from the different states and counties in US.

  • Sureshbhai Patel who was returning from his workplace was assaulted by the Alabama police this incident took place in the suburbs of Alabama. The policemen pushed him so hard that he ended up in a hospital. Later, the Indian government asked for a probe in this case from US govt. And the police department apologised to Patel’s family in a press conference.
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  • Three Muslim youths were shot and killed by an American citizen in the North Carolina of America and the reason was so lame that it would really make us think twice does they really deserved that. The matter they got this result was a dispute over parking Space.
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  • And now recent event which again stirred row over the issue of racism is the vandalising of the temple and that is also in the capital state of Washington. Now this shows that how sensitive and tolerant US citizens are towards somebody else’s religion and beliefs.
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