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The mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Was it an inside job?

The disappearance of the Malaysian plane on the Indian Ocean airspace will complete two years on March 8. Just a week before the 2nd anniversary of the tragedy, a search team has found debris in the African shore of Mozambique.  The search is the world’s biggest for a missing flight, but the team was unsure if the wreckage was a part of the fateful Flight 370 of the Malaysian Airlines, which disappeared without any trace on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur.

Flight 370 of the Malaysian Airlines, which was on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur on March 8, 2014, disappeared without any trace.

The incident gave rise to various alternative theories, that led to the vanishing of the flight with 239 passengers onboard, including the flight crew. The mystery only grew bigger; how did a plane disappear from all communication channels and fly around seven hours in the opposite direction without anybody smelling a rat? The lack of truth sometimes gives birth to many alternative lies.

Did the plane crash into the Indian Ocean?

While the possibility of the plane crashing into the water is the most logical explanation, experts point that a Boeing 777 would disintegrate if it crashed into the ocean at such a high speed… They say, such an impact would have been broken the plane into several thousands of bits, and objects, such as seat cushions, and suitcases would have floated or washed up at the local shores.

Since nothing reliable surfaced, the Malaysian police refused to rule out the possibility of an elaborate insurance scam.

Was the flight shot by an army mock drill?

Some people claimed the plane was shot by accident as the US Marine was conducting a mock warfare. The theory gained so much mileage on the internet that the US Army put up a public disclaimer, negating all the allegations.

Insurance scam

Since nothing reliable surfaced, the Malaysian police refused to rule out the possibility of an elaborate insurance scam. It was investigating if there was any national, who had insured himself for millions, and whose death would have benefitted the family. Also, it was not sure if the loss of the Malaysian Airlines flight was to get a fat amount of insurance money.

Royal Malaysian Air Force Navigator team on board a Malaysian Air Force aircraft during a search operation of Flight 370.

Who hijacked the plane?

Around 20 employees from the Texas-based Freescale Semiconductor were on board the flight. Many people were ready to believe that mass storage aggregation team had some vital information, which was detrimental to China. So the Chinese hijacked the flight and took the 20 people into hostage. Some others vehemently called it the handiwork of a global jihadi terror group from Pakistan or Afghanistan, but no militant outfit claimed to have been involved.


Relatives of the missing passengers blamed the Malaysian Government for withholding “important information”.

Fake passport 

The airlines later discovered that two men had boarded the plane with stolen passports. Going by the experience of the 9/11 terror attacks on America, it was considered highly possible that those two guys took over the plane and hijacked into an unknown land. But further probing revealed that they had no terror links.

CCTV grabs of the two passengers who travelled with fake passports.

Fire was the culprit

Some scientists believe there was an internal fire that killed all on board. They say pilots must have put the plane auto-pilot mode sensing the danger, and when the fuel was exhausted, it dived right into the ocean.

Malaysian Airline’s negligence

Half a year before the tragedy, the Federal Aviation Administration, a US aviation watchdog, warned the airlines that there were cracks in Boeing 777s and this could lead to airborne-accidents. The body warned that negligence on the airlines’ part could result in ‘a rapid decompression and loss of structural integrity’. Apparently, a final order was issued just two days before the fated plane took off.



The Asian Bermuda triangle

It was but natural that such a disappearance intrigued the human mind, and the most common theory would be the presence of an unknown area in the sea, that sucked up metallic objects. The Western media termed it the “Asian Bermuda Traingle.”

Inside job

The most credulous theory was that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, who was on commandeering the plane, had a hand in the disappearance. Detectives from Malaysia’s special branch discovered that the captain had cleared his diary of social or work commitments. The inquiry made him the most likely culprit.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, who was commandeering the missing flight

Two years are a long time for families to wait for a conclusive report on the incident. An in-depth investigation on the debris can give a final closure to the mystery that has rattled everyone across the globe.

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