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The Bihar ramblings: Predators of different breeds adapted beautifully… and a large male was left terribly wounded!

It’s instinctive for one predator want to remove another. It’s the “Jungle Raj”. Part two, or whatever… and when too many combine against one ill-fated one, it’s a no-fight…

How the elections in Bihar panned out has left right thinking individuals flabbergasted! That Lalu Prasad Yadav, the mastermind of Bihar’s slide into dereliction, could still manage more seats than Nitish Kumar and Narendra Modi, is a  sad reflection of the Bihari janta’s continued faith in corruption.

So be it.


We all know that the enemies formed a platform – ‘Mahagathbandhan’ – to kick the s**t out of Narendra Modi’s BJP, and they did it conveniently in the name of “saving India from communal forces…” BJP has forever been plagued with this perception by the opposition forces, and it might have to live with it forever. A few Hindu-driven ideologies have doomed them forever… whether it was the LK Advani-inspired Ayodhya Rath Yatra, or the Godhra incident, the saffron party is almost a lone-wolf today, and the leader of the pack, Narendra Modi, is unwilling to expose chinks in their armour.


So be it, too.

After beating the NDA alliance comprehensively, and conclusively for the five-year-term, Nitish still cannot sleep easy. One of Lalu’s numerous children, Tejasvi Yadav,  a ninth-class failure and all of 26 and a maiden MLA, has been made the Deputy CM. His other son is a health minister now… plus many more accommodations may have been made, making nepotism vibrant in our system till today.


Lalu, Nitish, Sonia, and Rahul Gandhi will find it impossible to work together… for five year at that. Lalu will squeeze Nitish into ensuring that his personal, and party’s agenda, are brought forth with alacrity. The honeymoon period may not last long…

Because Lalu and Nitish are not friends, differences will naturally come. The only question is: How long will Nitish tolerate this political compromise? How long will Nitish allow Lalu to dictate terms, choke him with demands, courtesy of his election mandate?


My guess is, not for too long. All that Modi and his partners have to do is lie in wait for differences to unravel within the brittle ‘grand alliance.’

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