Sushma Swaraj counter-punches Rahul Gandhi…“Ask mamma why daddy helped Quattrocchi and Anderson!

Go ahead and curse. It’s absolutely normal. Feel the revulsion rise up in your gut as you replay the unparliamentary proceedings during the monsoon session on Wednesday. Feel your patience give way to annoyance as you reflect upon the scene of senseless waste, as you helplessly watch the taking over of the parliament by 44 uncontrollable Congress members.

The general surround sound in India is pretty damning for the Congress party.

After over two weeks of obstructionist politics, the fading Congress party and the Government met inside the parliament to discuss and debate the pending GST Bill, along with other issues, including the small matter of Sushma Swaraj.

The penultimate day of the ill-fated Monsoon Session saw external affairs minister, Sushma Swaraj, put up a feisty defence. She roared, dared, and ridiculed Sonia Gandhi and her boisterous son, Rahul Gandhi. Adopting offense as the best line of defence, Sushma tore into the Gandhis, leaving the mother-son duo bewildered.

Quickly, but significantly, getting her ‘justification’ for helping Lalit Modi’s cancer-stricken wife out of the way, she launched into an attack so fierce, the whole House was stunned into silence!

Responding to the charge that she secretly helped ‘fugitive’ Lalit Modi, Sushma launched a scornful, biting attack against Rahul Gandhi, saying that the Congress Government led by his father, Rajiv Gandhi, had helped Bofors accused Ottavio Quattrocchi and Bhopal gas leak accused Warren Anderson escape the Indian justice system.

Sushma Swaraj, denying charges that there was a quid pro quo in her help to Modi, turned the tables, saying, “this is called quid pro quo… Rahul should ask (his mother), why they did the quid pro quo.”

During the entire period of her speech, the Congress members shouted demeaning slogans, not allowing her to make her point. They were small in number, but extremely loud. They were a noise machine, unwilling to see sense in dialogue and reason. It was contempt of parliamentary democracy!

Frequent disruptions have the potential to erode our faith in institutions. It was murder of democracy, its sadist exploitation.

Rahul Gandhi can be best described as an expert without any knowledge. Instead of feeling embarrassed about his frequent gaffes, he comes up with deadlier ones. He has this habit of speaking in high volume, made extra potent with his combative body language, all the while believing that he is being appreciated for his efforts by a billion people.

A man like Rahul Gandhi can be found in every society. Of high breed, Rahul Gandhi wrongly assumes that he will automatically be accepted, courtesy of his bloodline. So far, he has shown no sign of political maturity. His arguments are riddled with holes because he has no understanding of the subject he is debating. The idea has always been to stall, derail and criticise Government’s policies and proposals, not serve people for their faith in them, faith which is quickly evaporating.

He hardly understands the intricacies of the land bill and the GST bill, or for that matter, any other issue. All he has done till date is talk on the surface.

His guiding principle in politics has been – anything worth stating is worth overstating. He extrapolates and embellishes facts with unsubstantiated charges, an attribute not befitting a prospective PM candidate.

Rahul Gandhi was being foolish when he pointed out that IPL is plagued with financial corruption and various other improprieties. If that is so, and it may be so, why doesn’t he summon loyal Congress member, IPL chief Rajiv Shukla, and ask him to submit a report on the issue?

Lalit Modi has been constantly referred to as the ‘fugitive’ by the Congress party. Interestingly, while the whole episode was playing out, there was no warrant for Lalit Modi’s arrest. The Court had not declared him a fugitive, just yet. Influencing public perception through the spreading of misinformation is an old tactics of the Congress party, and Rahul Gandhi is ably leading by example.

A visibly angry Lalit Modi, speaking to India Today in London, was furious when Rajdeep Sardesai told him that Rahul Gandhi calls him a fugitive. He reacted sharply, saying, “He should be worried about Robert Vadra and Sonia Gandhi, not Lalit Modi.” Congress must realise that prior to May, 2014, it did nothing of its own to have Modi extradited.

We have slipped into the last day of the monsoon session. It seems hardly likely that the beleaguered GST Bill will be allowed to be passed in the Rajya Sabha by the congress. With the Government in minority, the Upper House is congress’ only playground.