Subramaniam Swamy is an oddball of Indian politics. His modus operandi? Offense is the best form of defence!

Let’s start with the obvious: Subramaniam Swamy is relishing the perks of his association with the ruling NDA Government. He believes he can get away with anything, however repelling it may be. He has embarrassed the Government on multiple occasions, but the BJP is apparently tolerating him because of his ideologies.

Subramaniam Swamy

There was that trademark smirk, a crack of a smile on his face when he insulted eminent writers on national television this week. Writers, older and more eminent than Swamy, were made to feel like outcasts, such was his dislike for the creative breed. All because he believes that for a long time, writers have been friendly to the communists and Congress, and now that the tide has changed, they should be reduced to non-entities. Such kind of bigotry is only one of many that Swamy unleashes according to his whims and fancy.

The debate was around Sahitya Akademi writers returning their awards in protest against the Government’s inability to control growing violence in the name of religion. Accused of harbouring selective outrage, but not finding it worth responding to, these writers are very clear why they are returning the prestigious honour. They feel they owe it to the society, and they want to give back by sacrificing their most treasured honour. Their own conscience is pricking them; they want to return the award because they are disgusted with the seemingly uncontrollable atmosphere of turmoil in the country.

Subramaniam Swamy

But Swamy finds them fake, and stooges of the communists and the Congress. He says it’s manufactured dissent. Uncaring of any repercussions, he made it sound as if he was interpreting Government’s stand. He called the legendary writers useless in the 21st century, he called their breed a relic of the past. His words were biting, invoking, but the writers remained calm. They responded to Swamy’s baseless charges with patience.

Swamy rubbed it in when he repeatedly said that the Government doesn’t care about them, that they don’t matter. I am sure Narendra Modi and his team would not only distance themselves from Swamy, yet again, but reprimand him for his inciting views.

Subramaniam Swamy

Swamy is a potential candidate to fall under the heading of things and people nobody wants to think, or talk about, but he can’t be avoided. If you are alive, surf the internet, and watch television news, he will invariably be there, talking chaos.

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