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Strategic move? RSS goes Christian!

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has been consistent, it has seldom failed to surprise the likes of me. Its latest installment of appeasement has come in the form of launching a Christian outfit! Obviously, recent attacks by alleged Hindu outfits on Christian institutions is the trigger for such an unimaginable decision.

Mohan Bhagwat, RSS

All this while, I was under the impression that ‘Sanghis’ were responsible for the vandalizing acts. There have been so many instances when churches have been defaced and statues have been desecrated. But no, the RSS has removed the fog from my mind, and whether it’s for real, only time will tell. What they intend to do is to reach out to the Christian community and create goodwill. The news has acted like a balm to the wounds of the ‘Isai’ people, who have had to bear the brunt of fanaticism for ages.


The RSS’s aim is “to carry the nation to the pinnacle of glory through organizing the entire society and ensuring the protection of Hindu Dharma.” But Sanghis in the social media has a derisive connotation. It means you are pro-Hindu, but at the cost of other religions. A Sanghi would worship ‘gau mata’, lynch anybody who dares to eat beef, and uphold the values of a Hindu Rashtra!


In an attempt to rise above all this negative feedback and backlash, the Sangh has plans to set up a Christian outfit. A meeting was held in December 2015 in New Delhi to discuss the formalities. Going by media reports, the RSS will attempt to reach the Christian community and create ‘good will.’ What I am wary of is the motive of the Sangh. For all you know, they might just have a hidden agenda. I sincerely hope it’s not ‘Ghar-Wapsi”.


I wonder how much room they will leave for such non-Hindu outfits to flourish. I might sound like a cynic, but is RSS inducting prospective transformers?

Whenever I hear an incident of church vandalism, all that comes to my mind is people shouting some Hindu deity’s name and then smashing objects like a bull in a china shop. This news has allayed my fears to a great extent, but I’m skeptical because history is on my side.

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