Sonia Gandhi yells at Shashi Tharoor for Oxford speech, Modi says good job! Tharoor in BJP someday?

When it’s done, if it’s done, it would be Indian history’s most fiercely talked about ‘defection’, an event that could give Sonia Gandhi a stroke, and Rahul Gandhi a nuclear weapon to be used against Narendra Modi. He’d say BJP bought Shashi Tharoor for 100 crores, or some such insanity. He would go on to paralyse the parliament and make unfounded, vengeful comments in front of the camera, a fresh agenda to keep him shouting for he next few days.

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First, I was dumb-founded to discover that Sonia Gandhi chided Shashi Tharoor for making the now legendary speech at the Oxford House a few days ago. She thought it was a violation of party rules to go behind its back and speak at a gathering without sharing the agenda. She was talking as if Tharoor revealed party secrets!

Then, I was left speechless. It so appears that prasing an opposition member, even if he does a commendable job, is a cardinal sin in Congress. Tharoor was recently scolded by Sonia Gandhi after his unpalatable comments were exposed. He had said he was not in favour of disrupting the parliament over resignations, especially if debate is an option.

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A distinctly angry Sonia Gandhi reacted, “You always do this, it’s become a habit with you.” Shashi Tharoor was taken aback with this sudden steam from party president, and simply stared at them, bewildered.

Stomping over healthy and constructive politics, Sonia Gandhi has asked her MPs to be aggressive; they all wore black bands on their arms as they were led into Parliament by the Congress president.

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Narendra Modi, on the other hand, has praised Tharoor for his brilliant speech at Oxford House. “The Oxford debate has huge significance,” Modi said. “It is good that Shashiji was there… What he said there reflected the sentiments of the citizens of India.”

To which, Tharoor said, “I am grateful… He (Modi) was kind enough… He spoke with a large heart.”

Shashi Tharoor had praised the PM last year as well. He readily accepted Modi’s invitation to join the “Swachh bharat Abhiyan” or “Clean India” drive, and hailed his yoga campaign and said he had left a positive impact on the countries he had visited.

We cannot imagine a Digvijay Singh, or a Rahul Gandhi for that matter, to speak so generously.

Although Shashi Tharoor has on record stated that he is committed to Congress, the conversations and the bonhomie tell a different story.

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