Sonia Gandhi follows Rahul Gandhi, indulges in Modi bashing!

Narendra Modi, Sonia Gandhi

The historic defeat suffered in the Lok Sabha elections, which reduced the Congress party to the sidelines of India politics, still haunts the grand old party. Its dislike of Narendra Modi has reached a stage where every Congress member bad mouths the BJP and Narendra Modi at the first given opportunity.

Keeping the pattern of attack alive, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Government, accusing it of being anti-poor and anti-so many things. She brought up the land acquisition bill, the GST bill, the unsubstantiated corruption charges and what have you, during her scathing attack on India’s Prime Minister. Sometimes, democracy ought to have its limits. Shaming Narendra Modi at every step will only go on to reveal their vindictive nature, and that won’t help Congress which is seeking to resurrect itself.


Before blaming Modi for everything, Sonia needs to look at her own self. Anyone can stand up in Lok Sabha and give a long speech, but before blaming someone, you yourself need to be clean. Congress party was not sincere during its rule. There were so many corruption charges against UPA’s ministers and MPs. The 2G scam, the Coalgate scam, Bofors scam, Fodder scam, the Commonwealth scam and so much more went wrong. Why does Congress forget all that. The Modi Government just turned a year old. Is it not too soon to question the Government, and that too like criminals?

Sonia Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Congress

Congress ruled us for 60 years, in which it soiled the image of India. It took India back in time, stunting its growth and development. Sonia Gandhi should remember all that before pointing fingers at some one who is only growing in popularity by the day.