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Sonia Gandhi not keen on seeing Rahul as Uttar Pradesh CM. Why not let RaGa practice in a state field before dreaming big?

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.  The Congress is looking for ways to clinch the top slot in Uttar Pradesh’s upcoming state Assembly polls scheduled in early 2017. The party has been relegated to number four in the state.

Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi
Senior party leaders of Congress believe that either Priyanka or Rahul should get into in UP’s electoral battle to clinch the CM’s post.

Prashant Kishor, the party’s election strategist’s suggestion of pitching in a Gandhi to salvage the situation in UP has stirred the masses. He has already made it clear to the Congress “high command” that there is no way that the party can hope for revival in this politically crucial state without pitching in either Priyanka Gandhi Vadra or Rahul in the electoral battle.

A Gandhi only dreams of becoming a Prime Minister; that has been the way for generations. Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has ruled out Rahul or Priyanka contesting the UP polls. The mother would not settle on anything less than the PM’s chair for her son. She would rather prefer her 45-year-old boy be the party chief than be demoted to the post of a CM. That’s how mothers are; thinking from the heart rather than the head. We can’t blame Sonia Gandhi for that…

Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi would rather prefer her 45-year-old boy be the party chief than be demoted to the post of a CM.

But Kishor has huge successes in his kitty. He had planned poll strategies for Narendra Modi and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, and we saw the huge victories the leaders achieved. So throwing Kishor’s plans to the wind is something that the Congress party might not do.

Somewhere in the future, if Sonia relents and lets Rahul get into the UP battlefield, one thing is for sure. Amethi, the fort that the Gandhis have been holding strong for decades, will go mad. Uttar Pradesh has the habit of handing out emotional verdicts when it comes to elections.

People on Twitter joked that may be Prashant Kishor (right), Congress’ polls strategist, has plans to finish Rahul Gandhi’s political career, and make leeway for PM aspirant Nitish Kumar (left).

Twitteratti were having a field day after the news surfaced. Rahul Gandhi memes appeared soon, and the Gandhi scion was trolled for getting demoted. While some argued that a failed face couldn’t salvage the Congress in Uttar Pradesh, others trolled Kishor, that the strategist was actually a BJP agent, taking money from Congress but making way for its arch rival. May be Kishor has plans to finish Rahul’s political career, and make leeway for PM aspirant Nitish Kumar.

The jokes kept streaming in. Someone said that may be Rahul Gandhi will someday get to the village panchayat level, and be pitched in as the Sarpanch.

If Rahul Gandhi lacks inspiration, he should look up to Narendra Modi, the man who reached the PM dais, riding high on the Gujarat model.

Kishor’s proposition reminded me of the trend of failed Bollywood actresses entering TV soaps. When audiences fail to warm up to their acting skills (or rather the lack of it), these starlets move towards a smaller stage, seeking success. And many in fact do well, much better than their bigger dreams.

I say what’s the harm in pitching in Rahul in the UP polls? It’s barely a downgrade ─ he is not particularly successful as a wannabe politician. If he wins the CM seat in Uttar Pradesh, he can prove his detractors wrong by being an example of development. If he lacks inspiration, he should remember Narendra Modi, the man who reached the PM dais, riding high on the Gujarat model.

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