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Russia and US need to stop using Syria as a power testing ground. Else, a third World War is imminent

The civil war in Syria got a twist in 2015, when Russia got down into the battlefield in an attempt to ‘end’ ISIS. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad knocked at Russia’s door, beseeching Vladimir Putin to curb the growing menace that al-Qaeda, the Islamist State and the Al-Nusra front were spreading in the state.

Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin

Was it possible that when sworn enemy Russia was up to something, America would lag behind? As the World War II ended, US and the Soviet Union fought for clinching the top slot of ‘Super Power’. The cold war ended only when Soviet Union got fragmented in 1991, resulting in America emerging as the World Power. But their glory was short-lived, for the emergence of Putin put Russia in the world map.

In 2014, Russian interference in Ukraine had become so blatant that US and Russia almost was on the brink of yet another war. Russia announced of upgrading its artillery by adding 40 long-range nuclear ballistic missiles. NATO countries exhibited high readiness in joint force exercises to tackle an emergency. They never went to war, but the animosity remained. And now with Syria’s growing crisis, the US and Russia have found fertile grounds to test their powers.

If Syria caves in to ISIS pressure, America will have access to the oil reserves in the country, besides gaining control over the Middle East.

US is supporting militant group Al-Nusra in the war against the Syrian President. Washington’s alliance with Al-Nusra echoes America’s former attempts to destabilize governments in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. US had supported militant groups in the past to bring down governments in oil-rich countries. If Bashar caves in to the pressure, America will have access to the oil reserves in the country, besides gaining control over the Middle East.

When Russia started bombing ISIS in 2015, the Syrian Free Army base got disrupted too. While the US allies went down, Syria reclaimed a lot of areas that was under both the groups. It’s evident that both Russia and the US are fighting in Syria to settle old scores, but experts say such incessant wars in the name of terrorism can sow seeds for a third World War.

The alliances have given peace-seekers enough reasons to lose sleep over an impending bigger battle, on the scale of a World War. Against Syria are US and their European partners, along with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, on Bashar’s side are Russia, Iran and the Hezbollah (from Lebanon).

The situation is Syria is already dividing the world into two camps. Since 2011, the Syrian war has claimed 4 lakh lives, displaced 6.6 million people and over 3 million people have fled to neighbouring countries, seeking refuge. A unified attempt to solve the Syrian problem is the only way to arrest the growing war in the Middle East.