Robert Vadra – The pest in the Gandhi family!

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Robert Vadra is known to us as the husband of Priyanka Gandhi, son-in-law of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. We all know this. What many of you may not know is that Rajendra Vadra, father of Robert Vadra, was found dead at a guest house in Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi, in 2009. His elder brother Richard committed suicide in 2003 and Michelle, his sister, died in a car accident in 2001. It seems to be a dysfunctional family, where death lurks.

Robert Vadra

More to the point, Robert Vadra says he dislikes the VIP culture, especially at airports. He revealed this through a facebook post. “I watched on the electronic media discussions again about my name being on a list for special privileges at airports in India. I am glad that this formality has been removed as this was created without my consent, by the security agencies, only to be followed when I would be travelling with SPG protectees. My existing security is not allowed inside Airports. Robert Vadra said since he was not SPG protectee, his children and he have always travelled like ordinary passengers, following all rules and norms of security checks, from removing of coats, belts, clearing bags, etc. like they would follow at any airport, the world over.”

Robert Vadra

Of course he will say he does not like VIPs being given special treatment. Who says otherwise on television? It was created without his consent but he made use of it anyway. This is the height of hypocrisy! Contrary to his claims, he still has reserved lounge facilities at international and domestic terminals, which is not reserved for the general public. He is also seen going through the VIP process while he is traveling with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra  and her Family.
Robert Vadra

Robert Vadra has exploited his familial relationship with the Gandhis. He has used India’s most famous family’s name to get favourable financial deals. He was involved in the DLF controversy surrounding the land dealing. Arvind Kejrival has constantly accused Robert Vadra of corruption. The Delhi chief minister alleged that Robert Vadra purchased at least 31 properties, mostly in New Delhi, worth more than Rs. 300 crore for which money has come from unsecured interest free loans from DLF Ltd. In response to the alleged

DLF Vadra controversy, the entire Congress came out to defend Vadra.

Robert Vadra


The ever faithfuls of THE Gandhi family faught tooth and nail to defend Robert’s name. It was futile, though, since the documents had been revealed in the media, establishing his criminal activity. Recently, displaying typical mindest of the rich and powerful, he became physical with one of the journalists from a wire agency, heckling and threatening him with consequences after he dared to ask questions on his dubious DLF land deals. Such arrogance and utter disregard for equality has made Robert Vadra not a very likeable person.

It may sound radical and overambitious, but the Gandhis should gradually ease him out of the family if they wish to resurrect as a political force. Otherwise, his corrupt mindset and insatiable greed will take everyone down.

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