Robert Vadra once said, “These Ppl are always after me!! Handsome Hona koi Paap hai Kya?!”

Somehow, in the mix of everything that is exploding around us in the political arena, I had missed this cute attempt by Robert Vadra. The man’s tendency to shoot himself in the foot will one day drive Congress to its doom. But his habit of doing something stupid every time he comes in front of the camera is considered normal these days. Nobody expects any better.


He made this narcissistic ‘handsome’ statement after BJP and the ruling party questioned him repeatedly about his role in the land deals in Haryana.

He is at it again. Even as the Rajya Sabha faced adjournments and heavy disturbances, the husband of Priyanka Gandhi took to Facebook, his favourite pastime. He said, “Parliament begins and so do their petty diversion political tactics… People of India are not fooled. Regret to see India Led by such so called leaders!!”

Responding to critical comments on his post, Vadra added: “we need to win over this kind of dictatorship and intrusion in a democratic India. Have nothing to hide, so will fight this till they stop falsely accusing me!!”


Robert Vadra has clearly insulted and slighted the institution of Parliament. BJP’s Prahlad Joshi has, interestingly, moved a privilege motion against him. Mr Vadra does not hold any party position, he is not a member of parliament, it is difficult to understand how he is allowed to make politically-motivated commentary?

He has never grasped the responsibility that came with marrying Priyanka Gandhi. It was not just a man and wife thing, there was the public involved too. They are a celebrity couple, destined to remain under the glare of the Indian media. Considering all that, Robert Vadra should have been more restrained in his behaviour, he should have been humble, sensitive to those he met because his actions would have a direct impact on the reputation of the Gandhi family.

But Robert Vadra can’t stop flexing his muscles every time someone asks him an uncomfortable question. He recently manhandled an ANI reporter for having asked him a question on his dubious land deals. His nose flared, his eyes squinted and jaws tightened, as he almost beat the poor reporter.


The opposition has not allowed the Parliament to function for the last three days.
They are adamant, want Sushma Swaraj to resign for her role in the Lalit Modi issue. The government, however, has shown absolute solidarity with its minister of foreign affairs. They have built a wall of defense around her and the Congress is desperate to breach it.

Robert Vadra fails to realise, in his limited wisdom and political immaturity, that it is Congress which refuses to relent, to sit down and talk. Debating a contentious issue through talk is an important part of the guidelines. Congress, trying to bypass the procedure, is showing how desperate it is to malign the Narendra Modi Government.

Sushma Swaraj has herself said that she wants to make a public statement, explaining all her actions related to the Lalit Modi case. Any right thinking mind would welcome the move. If found guilty, at the end of it all, and after the judgment is out, hang her! But not allowing her to defend herself is a move difficult to understand. It is also inhuman, at some level.


If Sushma Swaraj speaks, it would allow people of this country to understand what really happened. By stopping her from doing so, Congress must understand what it is doing.

Congress, which wants resignation first, talks later, is doing a disservice to the country. They are deliberately stalling the passage of critical Bills like the GST and land Bills and unnecessarily wasting tax payers’ money on destructive debate and arguments.

It is time for Priyanka Gandhi to step in and rein in her loose cannon of a husband.

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