Ramdev upset with PM Modi, Arun Jaitley & Amit Shah because they changed their mobile numbers and didn’t share with the Baba!

Yoga guru Ramdev has double standards but cares a damn. He knows that the people of India do not think highly of him any more. He understands that all the controversies over the years have reduced him to an object of ridicule, jokes and shock. His credibility has bombed multiple times and his penchant for ruffling feathers has come back to haunt him on many occasions.

Yet, he can’t keep himself restrained and balanced for one day. In a complete u-turn, Ramdev, who is known to be a congress-baiter and a supporter of the present Government, denounced the Narendra Modi-led Government for its abject failure to show humility and branded Modi’s ministers as arrogant.

His sudden love for Rahul Gandhi smacks of opportunism. But what opportunism? Congress is dead and buried and has no scope of returning to power in the near future (read 15 years!). So what is this new game that Ramdev is concocting?


How deeply flawed is Ramdev’s understanding of politics? He thinks Rahul Gandhi has succeeded in cornering the Narendra Modi-led Government on development and farmers’ issue. By which stretch of the imagination does that hold true? Developmental agendas are being executed regularly, the land acquisition act is pro-farmer but not to those who have not read the bill properly. And Ramdev, from the way he conducts himself publicly and speaks on the subject, has no idea what the bill entails.

There are some ministers who speak without thinking. They are being dealt with internally and suitable warnings are given. But to paint the whole Government with the same brush is a sign of low intelligence.

Reliable sources have revealed, funnily enough, that Baba Ramdev is upset and angry with with Arun Jaitely, Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi as they changed their Phone Numbers and did not share the same with him. He also finds them arrogant.

The whole issue is a no-brainer. After the formation of the Narendra Modi-led Government, Baab Ramdev has been finding it very difficult to get close to the top leadership. Unlike before the election, when he was seen close to Modi, Amit Shah and other senior leaders, he is not being paid heed to. Sensing the public perception which sees Ramdev is bad light, the Government could also be wanting to keep safe distance from the Baba. Sooner or later, every baba in India gets exposed. Before Ramdev falls, they would want to stay miles away.