Ram Jethmalani’s beef with Modi takes ugly turn! He wants the PM to suffer…

Ram Jethmalani has declared an open war with the BJP, and Narendra Modi in particular. He was in Patna on Sunday to express solidarity with the armymen, who continue to raise their voice for OROP, and used the platform to tease and incite his former party and its leader, for whom he aggressively campaigned in the Lok Sabha elections. He regrets that today…


“Today, I have come here to do ‘penance’ for what I did by promoting Narendra Modi as the leader of the country. I thought that God has sent him as his ‘Aulia’ (representative) for India’s salvation…How I became the victim of fraud,” Jethmalani proclaimed.

Penance, fraud, salvation, Aulia….. These are grave words, carrying profound meanings. If we look back, the relationship between India’s most celebrated lawyer and the BJP has been all over the place, it was like blow hot blow cold. But it was never a matter of life and death between them. He had issues from time to time, and the party did what it could, or could not, to address them. As a former cabinet minister in the Vajpayee Government, and for his brilliant legal mind, he is automatically accorded the greatest of respect across the board, but when a party member crosses a line, there is an established protocol to follow. It’s in the rule book.


The ferocity with which he attacked Nitin Gadkari, the then BJP president, for indulging in corrupt practices without fully substantiating his allegations, was not taken lightly by the party high command. For his effort, he was expelled from BJP for six years… it is apparent that he hasn’t forgotten about it, but does campaigning for Modi in the run up to the elections warrant repentance? Was the experience so horrific that he had to resort to the harshest of words to express his dislike?


He is also upset at the Government’s inability to help get the black money, stashed in various Swiss accounts, back home. Ram Jethmalani is aware of the complicated, intricate, and politically challenging nature of the task. Successive Governments have attempted the impossible, but to no avail. The Government is tackling the issue, but it will take time, not much can be done about that. It’s not as if the Swiss banks are waiting for Modi to give the green flag so that they could start transferring close to USD 1,500 billion, which is equivalent to Rs 90 lakh crore.

Ram Jethmalani is not doing right by making the whole thing personal, because that’s what it appears to have been reduced to.


“I want Modi to suffer, I want BJP to suffer heavy defeat in the Bihar elections. They have made Ram Jethmalani fool but the people will not be fooled in Bihar,” he fumed.

Narendra Modi must invite him home some day for “chai pe charcha”, to appease him, but the volatile independent Rajya Sabha MP can blatantly refuse the invite… It’s a strong possibility and Modi must be well aware.