Rakesh Maria shunted out because he was protecting Peter Mukerjea? Or stealing CM Fadnavis’ thunder?

This will definitely dishearten the police force. In fact, Rakesh Maria is thinking of resigning.

Maria’s fortnight-long dedicated commitment to the Sheena Bora murder case has been rewarded with indignity and embarrassment. The Mumbai Police commissioner has been punished for working too hard!


The Maharashtra Government, apparently badly advised on the reasons to give for Maria’s abrupt and early promotion as DGP (Home Guards), says Maria was shifted because the Government was against changing police commissioners in the middle of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Interestingly, the festival takes place from Sept 17 to 27, and Rakesh Maria’s term expires on September 30. The official explanation was weak and insensitive. Any rational, thinking man would refuse to accept the official version.

There are theories, though, theories that fall into the realm of possibility.

See if you can make some sense out of any.

Theory 1: Satyapal Singh was Mumbai police commissioner before Rakesh Maria’s term started. Now, he is a BJP MP. During an interaction with the media, Satyapal Singh revealed that Maria was close to Peter Mukerjea. With Peter Mukerjea being in the thick of things in the case, it would have been unethical for Maria to continue to conduct and supervise the murder investigation. The element of bias would have been too prominent. But what took Satyapal close to two weeks to come out with this revelation? In any case.


Maria swore on the lives of his sons and pleaded not guilty to that charge, saying he met Peter for the first time at the Khar police station last week.

Theory 2: Rakesh Maria, according to another possible theory, was seen to be overindulgent. He was spending long hours at the Khar police station, investigating and trying to get to the bottom of the truth. CM Devendra Fadnavis did not like Maria hogging the limelight. He thought the top cop was going overboard with his personal involvement. Instead of applauding his commitment, the CM booted him out!

Theory 3: Rakesh Maria was appointed by the previous Congress-NCP regime. Maria is also said to be very close to Sharad Pawar. It’s the same old, same old case of ‘I will remove your appointee and put mine.’ This political one-upmanship has unnecessarily added another unpleasant element to the already mind-boggling case.


Theory 4: The fear of exposure may have forced the guilty to interfere with justice, because that’s what Rakesh Maria was so furiously after. The NCP made the revelation that Maria’s probe was going to expose money-laundering, and possibly implicate influential business houses of India. Surely, it must have sent shockwaves, forcing the powers-that-be to take preventive measures…

These are all theories, of course, but they are dangerously close to the truth!

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