Rahul Gandhi’s ‘suit-boot’ jibe has outlived its shelf life. He should revamp his strategists & script writers!

One of my friends posted this message on his Facebook Page:

“I’m sick ‘n’ tired of being sick ‘n’ tired! Somebody please give Rahul Gandhi a different script. We no longer need to hear any more of his suit-boot-obsessed rantings! Bas ab bahut ho gaya yaar!”

No single politician has ever instilled the fear of defeat in the minds of his opponents the way Narendra Modi has. The fragile combine of JD (U), RJD and the Congress is desperate to derail Modi’s expansionist plans, without having any agenda of development of their own.

Bihar elections, Lalu Yadav, mahatma gandhi, Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar

Loosely knit, with differing ideologies, the ‘combine’ is a slap in the face of the Bihar electorate. Politicians, who were ready to throttle each other at the slightest trigger, want the people of Bihar to believe that they’ve let bygones be bygones. It only goes to show that in politics, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies, there are only permanent interests.

Addressing a rally in West Champaran, where Mahatma Gandhi had fought to free farmers from indigo farming enforced by the colonial British, Rahul Gandhi said Modi was the exact antithesis! He then went on to throw embarrassing, insulting jibes at the Prime Minister of India. He was disdainful and contemptuous of Modi throughout his speech, reducing himself, in the process, in front of the millions watching him on television, to a politician without any substance!

Bihar elections, Lalu Yadav, mahatma gandhi, Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar

All Rahul Gandhi had to offer was hate, hate, and more hate.

People want to hear about education and healthcare, civic facilities and law & order, infrastructure and jobs. For long cheated and tortured at the hands of two of Bihar’s most notorious sons – Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar – Biharis want to hear vote-begging politicians talk about how Bihar can come out of the dark age. They want to know whether they would be able to come out of their homes after sun down without being mobbed, stabbed, or raped. They want to hear Rahul share his plans about building infrastructure, and creating an environment conducive to business investments. No one wants to invest in Bihar.

Does Rahul Gandhi have a plan to change the State’s fortunes?

Bihar elections, Lalu Yadav, mahatma gandhi, Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar

Narendra Modi has become the fulcrum around which Rahul’s life appears to be revolving these days. Mother Sonia Gandhi, watching her son mesmerise the ignorant crowd, appeared proud. And why not, the Congress president has been a good teacher for son Rahul. Growing up, he has seen Sonia Gandhi tear into the opposition when UPA ruled. She was ruthless, a lioness.

Those who attend his rallies are people belonging mostly to the lower strata. They are comparatively poorer in common sense, let alone wisdom. They are a gullible lot, easily influenced by sweet-talk and the illusion of a better life. That, Rahul has plenty to give. They don’t see through the facade. You won’t find educated, sensible people in his rallies. They know what is happening.

If he made the following statement in his speech, he must surely think the audience is foolish.

Bihar elections, Lalu Yadav, mahatma gandhi, Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar

“Your land will be taken away and you will not get any employment. We have formed this alliance because we want to protect poor, weak and the oppressed. We want to save you from Modiji and his friends.” He can’t possibly imagine people to believe that, can he?

It’s clear that the Congress vice-president is being badly advised. He needs a fresh crop of script writers, people who recognize and value the pulse of the nation. Those who’d want Rahul to make a positive impact, not alienating ones.

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