Rahul Gandhi has been irrelevant all his political life. On his 45th birthday, he must resolve to turn it around…even PM Modi wishes him luck!

But wishes alone won’t work. Rahul Gandhi has for a very long time been the subject of national ridicule. He is one politician we love to hate, and he is not helping. His penchant for speaking brashly, his relentless attacks on PM Modi, mostly without any basis, his lack of research on issues of national importance, speaking on the surface, his inability to strike a cord with people at the grass-root level, along with many other deficiencies, makes him a very ordinary candidate.


The past few months have been tumultuous for the future prime ministerial hopeful, but let’s forget all that. It’s his birthday today and even Prime Minister Modi wished for his long life and health. He must show signs of maturity. It’s already too late, but he can still change the way people perceive him.

Narendra Modi tweeted, ‘wishing the Congress Vice President, Sri Rahul Gandhi a Happy Birthday. ‘I pray for his good health and long life.’ On which Rahul also replied, ‘Thank you for your best wishes @Narendra Modi’. On an average day, this would be considered unthinkable.


Here’s what ‘The Voice of Nation’ believes Rahul Gandhi should do to turn over a new leaf.

Think before you speak

Rahul Gandhi needs to be judicious in his public speaking. Remember his statement – ‘We will stop 99% terror attacks, but 1 % of attacks might get through’. It doesn’t even make sense and is not a suitable manner of conveying condolences after the 2011 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai.

rahul bday 4

‘India is 21st century Saudi arabia’. Really? How? Rahul Gandhi was slammed on Twitter and the other platforms for making this stupid remark.

‘Hindu extremism is a bigger threat to India than the Lashkar-e-Toiba’. What was Rahul thinking? According to Wikileaks cables, in 2009, Rahul Gandhi had told a U.S diplomat,  “Although there was evidence of some support for Laskar-e-Taiba among certain elements in India’s indigenous Muslim community, the bigger threat may be the growth of radicalised Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community.”

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This one is my favourite – ‘Politics is in your pants and your shirt’. Like, how? Obviously, he chose the wrong words of inspiration for the youths of Punjab, whom he implored to join Congress.

Impulse and party compulsion to remain visible 24×7 has reduced any and every credibility that Rahul Gandhi has. He must ensure he gives every issue proper research time. Only then should he come out in the open. He must make sure that he is seen as someone who has his mind in place, who is intelligent and wise.

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Stop showing off your Nehru-Gandhi dynasty

Nobody is interested in the legacy left behind by Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. They did what they did. It was expected of them as the leaders of India. They were elected for it, it was not a favour done to India by the Gandhis. We have moved on.

Rahul Gandhi should concentrate on talking about his achievements and the plans for future. He should build abilities needed to be prime ministerial!

Decide now: Are you ready for India’s Prime Ministership? Do you even want it?

Uncertainty on his part reflects his lack of self belief. Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister of India when he was 40 years old and at a time when he was recuperating from the trauma of his mother’s death, and Rahul still says that he is not ready. He is always unsure about his role in the party and rarely comes out to people in any big matter. He says that the country needs youth; he is himself a youth but still doesn’t want to lead the country and is reluctant about his role.

Spend time in Amethi and stop taking its people for granted!

Rahul Gandhi has been winning in Amethi for quite some time now, and he has managed to do it without any substantial work in his constituency. People vote for him because of the Gandhi name, but Rahul Gandhi cannot exploit such sentiments any further. It is as if he has abandoned Amethi and taken its people for granted.

Theer are so many issues that the people of Amethi are grappling with. Water, electricity, roadas are only few of the problems they face. He lands in his private jet only when it’s election time. This perception can come back to haunt him.

Rahul Gandhi should take a leaf out of Smriti Irani’s books. She fought against Rahul Gandhi but lost. Still, she is seen in the region more than Rahul Gandhi.

Stop absconding!

Rahul Gandhi is not a private citizen. He is the future president of the Congress party and a potential PM candidate. He is responsible to people who voted for him. They expect returns now. Leaving all this on the back burner and taking off on holidays without anyone knowing anything is a little brattish. Responsibility is not a casual thing.

…..Rahul Gandhi’s birthday is also trending on Twitter as #VishwaPappuDivas. Last year, Rahul received great criticism for celebrating his birthday by going on a vacation abroad, right after his defeat. But this year, he is more mature about it.