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Rahul Gandhi is sabotaging whatever little chances Congress has in UP polls. And the damage is irreversible.

Rahul Gandhi

For someone who has always been a source of diversion for people who are serious in life, scoffed at, mocked and pitied, Rahul Gandhi is putting up a rather ungainly brave front, unwilling to accept the fact that he may have taken himself to a point of no return in the eyes of the people.

Rahul Gandhi
RaGa keeping himself busy on a chartered plane

The 45-year old bachelor vice-president of the Congress Party, to his credit, though, is doing his duty. Rather, he is enduring. His tendency to be the first one to jump the ship in the face of adversity and hard duty has not acted out thus far. He has not gone off on a holiday to an unknown destination.

Although he is leading the campaign for the UP 2017 assembly elections with gusto, his inabilities are letting him down. He is going from one corner to the other, projecting secularism and acting as its custodian by visiting temples, mosques and churches in the State. He has held ‘Khat-Sabhas’, a novel concept gone horribly wrong. At the end of his every Sabha, people who came to seemingly listen to him, ran away with the khats.

Rahul Gandhi
People running away with khats used in Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Khat Sabha’

Why would anyone come to listen to him when his speeches are vain and comical. ‘Potato factory’ is a classic example of how cognitively broke a person can be.

He was holding his Kisan Mahayatra and while speaking to the farmers, the Amethi MP nonchalantly said: “You all are demanding a potato factory in your area, but you should understand I am an opposition leader, I can put pressure on the government, but cannot take the decision. I cannot open a potato factory for farmers.”

If someone believes that potatoes are produced in factories, he should be forced to keep away from public life. This is just one of his many performances that has appalled, entertained and pained most Indians here and abroad. A seemingly irreversible failure is a damn thing, but he appears immune to that burden.

Rahul Gandhi
Saharanpur farmers are rather skeptical about promises made by Rahul Gandhi

His last Khat Sabha in his Deoria-Delhi Yatra lasted just 30 minutes in Saharanpur on Wednesday, where he promised farmers that their loans would be waived off within ten days if Congress came to power. Reportedly, a group of Muslims sitting on the Khats were heard saying, “It’s a good promise, but only if Congress wins…kafi shaq hai uspe.”

Rahul Gandhi needs to do more than make non-reliable future commitments. And he certainly needs to focus on development more, rather than Narendra Modi. All of his speeches feature the Prime Minister. He must remember that preying on Modi, which he is using as an ill-informed tactic, will further ruin his image. He is falling into a trap here, where in his resentment against Modi, and haste, he is seriously undervaluing the growing political awareness among people.

Rahul Gandhi
The little attention Rahul Gandhi’s campaign was getting has also been diverted to India’s Surgical Strike against Pak terrorists

His campaign has already lost traction after India’s surgical strike deep into the PoK across line-of-control, where Special Forces destroyed terrorist launch pads, killing many terrorists who were planning to infiltrate. People are more tuned in to what is happening on the front instead of getting swayed by promises. And to make matters worse, following political correctness, Rahul Gandhi was forced to congratulate Modi on the victory.

BJP won the 2014 elections fair and square, but most opposition parties have failed to accept and handle it. And in their blind hatred, are drifting away from what they were elected for.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi should realize that the nation is not going to fall for his constant bashing and immature tricks

To talk about how they are committed to improve the living conditions of the poor, how they intend to make education a priority because it’s the single most empowering tool. He should discuss concrete plans of action to tackle crime and to ensure safety of women. But sadly, he is a 45-year-old man-toddler who has proven beyond doubt that he knows hardly anything, slurs people much more respected than himself, and has crude, one-dimensional solutions to compound issues.

He is not fit to be India’s Prime Minister, today. Tomorrow, in future, if he is able to understand politics and life better, the country would be happy to entertain him. Rahul Gandhi has entertained us all enough already.