Rahul Gandhi as president will reduce Congress to ‘trash party’!

Rahul Gandhi’s aggression and the fearlessness with which he is fighting the Narendra Modi-led Government over the Land Bill suggests his elevation will be sooner rather than later. It is as if he is desperately trying to prove to his detractors within the Congress party itself that he is not a pushover.


Congress will not only disintegrate, but perish under Rahul. The 44-year-old bachelor and the veterans of the party, like P Chidambaram, AK Antony and the others, do not have mutual respect for each other. The Sonia camp believes Rahul is not committed and has too many distractions. They consider him to be a rebel without a cause who has no long-term vison and planning for grand old party.


Sonia Gandhi has been a failure herself, and choosing the lesser of the two evils seems to be the only option left. Sonia should continue for a while and after she retires, AK Antony should be made party chief and Rahul should do intrernship under him. Rahul Gandhi should stay under his wing for at least five years, during which he shold learn how to talk respectfully when speaking to seniors, even if they are from another party. He should learn discipline, become responsible and not take off on holidays whenever he likes. Honestly, Rahul is only bothered about the power and not the country. He says silly and impractical things in his speech. It would be really foolish of Congress to hand over the party in the hands of Rahul.


The dim-witted Congress party workers are calling for Priyanka Gandhi. This is the height of idiocy. It’s a pitiable situation for Congress where the only options available rest with the Gandhis.


So that means, even Robert Vadra is in line for Congress presidency??? One never knows.