Rahul Gandhi and gang, ask not what Modi is doing for Akhlaq’s family, ask what you should be doing!

Extracting political mileage out of death comes naturally to Indian politicians. Poor Akhlaq’s death by murder should have been a wake up call, instead, it has fuelled communal tension and given rise to vote-bank politics.

From Rahul Gandhi to Akhilesh Yadav and Azam Khan, from Arvind Kejriwal to the others, politicians from across the board landed at Dadri to show solidarity with the bereaved family. In effect, it was all posturing and photo-op. They came wearing a gloomy look, armed with all kinds of assurances and financial packages, they listened to the wailings, and witnessed the beating of the chests, but offered nothing concrete… and then they returned home to deal with their own business. Akhlaq’s death may have been a nuisance and a disturbance to their busy schedule.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not been on ground zero so far, like the rest of them, and for that, he is facing heat…. He should have been there, sharing their sense of loss as India’s leader. He should have cancelled all his appointments and trips and just been there in Dadri… But to what achieve what purpose?

It is more important to see to it that help reaches the troubled family than being there with them for moral support, which amounts to nothing.

Kejriwal said: “We want that the family should get the condolences over the incident and be assured that it won’t happen again. We would also appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit the grieving family and assure them that this incident won’t happen again in the country.”

Emotional assurances, spoken in words hold no value. It is in the nature of Indian politicians to make promises, only.


Modi understands that meat and murder politics is destroying his inclusive agenda, yet, he’d rather supervise aid to family from behind the scenes, rather than appear for public posturing.

The PMO is coordinating with the authorities, the Indian Air Force, naturally in consultation with the PM, has extended full support to the family and is even ready to relocate them because they feel unsafe living under the chief ministership of Akhilesh Yadav. His State BJP unit is working by direct order from the PMO….

Politicians, rather than wanting Modi to do this and that, should focus on what they themselves can do. If Modi has chosen not to go to Dadri, let people punish him in polls. As opposition, their role shouldn’t be disruptive, especially at such a critical time.

On Thursday, Modi appealed for religious unity after days of growing tensions over Akhlaq’s chilling murder by a lynch mob for supposedly eating beef, finally breaking his silence after witnessing the motivated chaos for days….

People must ignore political leaders who have jumped on the issue to win votes along religious lines. Several of Modi’s own ministers have stopped short of condemning the attack, fuelling concerns among religious minorities of an erosion of rights in the world’s biggest democracy and a strengthening of Hindu hardliners.


Commentators have also warned of an emboldening of Hindu hardliners since Modi came to power, with vigilante gangs increasingly campaigning against Muslims. This is where Modi should step in and remove such ugly tentacles in his party.

Take up any newspaper and you will see the blame game in this political arena. Beaten dead by the angry mob in Dadri over rumours of beef eating has gone a way it was unexpectedly expected here…

The blacksmith was dragged out of his home and beaten to death over rumours that he had killed a calf and kept beef in his house. And for the political leaders it was the perfect opportunity to get that 15 minutes of fame and tarnish the opposition party’s name!

Whether it is Akhilesh or Kejriwal, they took no time in playing the blame game and shooting the obvious target to make their points. Being logical, what could have been done for the betterment was to act efficiently rather than playing with words. Akhilesh Yadav, look at the condition of that family of the poor dead Akhlaq, who is afraid to live in your state! Without any doubt, the state machinery is ruined. Before questioning others, how about you put your house in order?


Take another example…Nitish, Lalu and Gandhi family who were once ready to poison each other has joined hands together to keep Narendra Modi at bay. Arvind Kejriwal was no behind in flying to go to the family with media, dropped a few tears and came back to delhi to fight for increasing his pay cheques! What are these people up to? Sympathising the family in front of everyone won’t do well to the situation of this country!

Demeaning Narendra Modi to increase their vote banks seems obvious to me because with this kind of situation, who is at loss? Of course, it is BJP! With situations like this, we all will hold Modi responsible. Not the state government which should ensure security in its home place.

Criticising Modi for his tweets whether it is wishing Navjot Singh Sidhu a speedy recovery from a life threatening disease or he being silent over the issue seems worthless to me. The man in action was IAF who visited the deceased’s family to give every possible help. Indian Air Force is in direct consultation with PM Modi. So why are we still blaming Modi?

Do something tangible rather than giving 5 pages long speech in front of lights and cameras…