Politicians have always looted the people of Bihar. 2103% asset hike is reflection of the depth of the sickness!

Imagine having a hike of 2103% in your salaries within 5 years of your service, notwithstanding the reality that you never cared for your job? Everything your company mandated you with, you ignored. Sounds pleasantly weird? Well, most of the Bihar legislators seem to have done excellent job in creating wealth for themselves, instead of repaying the faith of people who elected them to work for their collective cause.


JD (U)’s Punam Devi Yadav leads the 160 MLAs, and her wealth has increased manifold. Her declared asset at the time of her candidature, half a decade ago, was worth Rs 1.87 crore. Today, it stands at a whopping Rs. 41.34 crore, an increase of 2103%!


JD (U)’s Nawada MLA, Purnima Yadav, who is now playing for Congress, has reported 480% increase in her assets in five years from Rs. 2.78 crore in 2010, to Rs 16.14 crore at the moment. There is no point in getting into the murky world of the means, and tools, used for amassing such huge proportions. Bribery, corruption, extortion, even kidnapping in some reported cases, have made these politicians rich beyond their dreams.


According to the reports prepared by the Bihar Election Watch and Association for Democratic Research (ADR), there is an average increase of Rs. 1.71 crore in five years in wealth of the MLAs. For 160 MLAs, on an average, there is a hike of 199% in their asset value.

This is gluttony of the worst kind, and these are the people who we vote for every five years when they come with folded hands. They will promise the moon, but fail to deliver even two meals a day to the poorest of the poor, living in the farthest corners of backward Bihar.